I have been thinking a lot the past few days about what I want to focus on for the new year. I usually set a couple simple resolutions for myself, but nothing was striking me until today.

Today’s message at church was the consistency of change, put into context with a list of quotes on change from famous people. My favorite quote was from Andy Warhol: “Time changes things, but you have to change them yourself.” I also liked this one but I can’t remember who said it: “Things don’t change; we change.” I took a few notes during the pastor’s discussion, and one thought has resonated with me throughout the day: Become more clearly yourself. I LOVE that! It’s so simple and so obvious, yet can be a challenge. So that is my resolution.

this is me! This is me… being myself! Yay!

I have a tendency to overbook myself, especially when it comes to things I am excited and passionate about. Here is my overly ambitious to-do list.

1. Freelance writing, possibly technical writing for a newsletter and website of my local yarn store and local fabric store.
2. Write a magazine article every month. By the end of the year, I want to have a portfolio of magazine articles for submission. I also want to attend the Magazine Writers Conference (or another similar conference if I can find one closer to home), and take a couple online magazine article writing courses.

    Write for Magazines

    3. Write a pattern review. (I wish I would have been able to get in doing a review for this blog.)
    4. Take more classes. In 2007, I started graduate school for English-Professional Writing, so I will continue that program this year. I also want to take an art class. Last year, I took an Intro to Beading class, a coiled basket class, and a color and fabric class. In 2006, I learned how to felt, took two crochet classes, took an interior decorating class, and learned how to rock climb! Though not an art or craft class, learning to rock climb was exhilarating and scary, all in the same tear I shed upon my triumph.
    5. Create my own designs for a craft portfolio.
    6. Make more gifts. I love this post and Nikki’s idea of making something every month, whether it’s a small project like a potholder or zippered bag, or a larger project like a quilt, a skirt, or curtains.

      We shall see how well I do. Please don’t keep track!

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