Gardening with Chipmunks

It’s hard to keep some of our bulbs right where we planted them. Those cute but pesky little chipmunks love crocus bulbs. We planted over 20 of them a couple years ago, and one day I watched a chipmunk carry them away. (wish I had a picture of him with a bulb stuffed in his mouth)

Tamias rufus

Now I’m finding crocuses blooming in places I didn’t plant them. I’m not complaining. I’m just surprised to find a few left.

Next fall, we will have to plant more bulbs all over the yard to keep those chipmunks on their toes.

Luckily, the chipmunks and rabbits don’t bother these spring flowers.

I have no idea what these dainty white flowers are or where they came from, but they are cute. Anyone know what they are?

I sure wish I could let her out to help me keep up with those cute garden pests.

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