Family Celebrations

We hosted about twenty people at our house this past weekend to celebrate my sister and her family’s upcoming move to China. We are not used to having twenty people in our house, but with so many women – aunts and cousins- contributing dishes to pass and helping set up, it was easy and fun.

The little kids were happy to run around the yard,

… and through the sprinkler.

Craftiness runs in my family – the pre-teens brought their own entertainment.

They proceeded to keep themselves busy,

… making their own necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Aren’t they sweet?!

You can’t have a party without cake! Thanks to my cousin Wendy, we had this delicious slice of heaven.

It was a thrill having the family together again, but a little melancholy knowing my sister and her family will be so far away for awhile. It will certainly be an adventure for them and for us to visit! Our house and yard are all cleaned up and quiet again… until same time same place next year. See you then.

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