Tablecloth for a Garden Party

*UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your comments on how to finish off this tablecloth! Would you believe I took it apart, added small ric-rac trim over the border on the top piece, added wide ric-rac to the seam and sewed the top and bottom together.  I love the new and improved tablecloth!  Check out new photos!

I ordered one yard of this fabric and this fabric, originally thinking I was going to make a tote bag. However, the size tote bag I had in mind was a little to small for the large print on the Guest of Honor fabric. Instead, I made a tablecloth for our patio, perfect for a Garden Party!

The top side is made from Guest of Honor fabric in ice.

The reversible other side is made from Fanfare in green. The border is from Polka Line in green.

I squared up both main fabrics to be an even 36-inch square. Then I attached 2-3/4-inch border strips to each side of each main fabric, mitering the corners. Then I layered the two main fabrics with attached borders right sides together and stitched all the way around, leaving a 3-inch opening. I trimmed the corners and turned the fabrics right sides out, pushing the corners out for a pointy finish. I hand-stitched the opening closed and pressed. Finished. Super easy.

I do have a question I need help with on finishing this finished tablecloth: should I leave the tablecloth as is (shown above) or add some rick-rack trim over the seam joining the border to the main fabrics (shown below)?

We have a tie here in our house. I want to add the trim but Dave says leave it off.

My other question is this: if I add the trim, how do I sew the rick-rack neatly around the corners? Should I cut it to fit each side, fold under the corners, and miter them? I have only added rick-rack to the inside seams so that it sticks out from the right sides of the fabric (as in a pillow cover).

Thanks for your help! Now let’s get together for a late-summer garden party.


  • The tablecloth came out great!

    I vote for the trim, but then I always say yes to ric-rac! I don’t have any suggestions for the corners though. Sorry!

  • Gorgeous. I love that. I would add the rick rack and cut it off at each corner and start again, then do the binding. Hope that makes sense.

    This is my first visit to your blog.

  • I love that tablecloth! Excellent choice of fabrics!
    Thanks for the comment on my bags. It seems you can make anything look pretty with these fabrics! I saw a similar drawstring bag on Flickr and then came up with my own pattern. I can’t follow instructions to save my life!

  • it looks so pretty (and i had no idea the flowers were that big). i would leave off the rick rack this time, OR sew it to the underside of the outside edge so that only 1/2 of the rickrack is peeking through (and you can hide the weird corners).

    but if you make another one, i think it would be awesome to sandwich the rickrack between the print and the border- like ohfransson did in these quilt blocks:

    so cute!

  • That is beautiful!! Hmmm – I think leave the rickrack off because it lets the flowers take center stage. I’m definitely coming to that garden party!

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  • Your tablecloth is soooo lovely!! I am so inspired.

    I was reading that you also bought “Social Climber” in teal – this is a long shot – but do you have any left in your stash – I having been searching for this fabric earnestly – happy to swap or buy!!!

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