Craft Room Tour

I am a lucky person to have my own craft room. It’s in one of our spare bedrooms with a window facing south, offering lots of natural lighting and a great closet for storage.

Here’s my antique sewing desk, which I found at a local sewing store that is now out of business. It’s one of those desks where the sewing machine is supposed to fit right into the tabletop, which mine doesn’t, so I just put a board over that opening. My dad recovered the chair in a soft blue suede fabric, and he discovered a secret drawer underneath the seat that holds spools of thread!

Here’s my crafting resource library, full of quilting magazines, knitting books and writing references:

Here’s my supply closet:

Wasn’t it nice of the previous owner of our house to install these shelving organizers in all closets throughout the house? They work great for my crafting supplies!

Here are some closeups of my supply shelves:

That is more resource books that didn’t fit on the library shelves.

I have my fabric stash organized by collection, so above you may notice Bohemian on the left and Chocolate Lollipop on the right, with scrap bags in the middle. Below you may notice Garden Party on the left and Ginger Blossom on the right.

The rest of my stash is organized by color or by seasonal themes, all stored in plastic drawers in the basement. I have two drawers for supplies for Christmas projects, one for Christmas fabrics, one for flannel fabrics, one for scraps, and so on.

Here’s my set of notions drawers full of threads, zippers, ribbons and trims:

Here’s my scrap basket:

I do have more scraps than that. This is just the recent pile. The older scraps are probably in one of those drawers in the basement.

Other things like the iron and ironing board, the cutting table, and miscellaneous supplies have to stay in the basement because this room is actually pretty small. Besides, it’s good exercise for me to run up and down two flights of stairs several times a day while I’m working on a project!

Here’s my reading chair and some new decor:

Notice the artist canvases covered with Drawing Room fabrics, and the cute little padded footstool covered with more Drawing Room fabrics! New additions that I just adore. Let me also direct your attention to those two pairs of pants sitting on the chair that were waiting to be shortened. (I finished them!)

That concludes the tour of my space. It has become a work in progress itself where I love finding refuge after spending the day in a corporate office. Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Craft Room Tour

  1. You have a great craft space AND a wonderful stash of fabric!

    Ever since I was able to have my own space, I craft a lot more than when I had to haul everything in and out, in and out of the closet! So much simpler!

  2. I love to look at people’s sewing spaces. I can never show mine b/c it’s always such a wreck! But yours looks so organized…

    I wish I spent more time decorating mine too. At minimum I should display some of my fabric collection for inspiration…

  3. what a great space to have! We have an extra room at the moment but in about 14 weeks it will be filled with a baby so all the crafty stuff goes in the attic or the kitchen depending on what we are doing! Thanks for sharing!

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