I Finished My Laptop Cover!

A couple days ago I took a much needed day off from work. I didn’t do any house chores or any errands. Instead, I started a project that had been ready and waiting on my sewing table for a couple weeks, and I almost finished it, but not quite.

Today I had time to finish it. This laptop cover just needed handles, which are now attached and ready for travel.

I’m so happy with how this turned out! The fabric is gorgeous (Amy Butler – of course!), the double-layer of fusible fleece worked out great, and the handles are very handy. Whaddya think? (I am secretly hoping that someone will stop me in the cafe and ask where I got such a hip and pretty laptop cover!)

13 thoughts on “I Finished My Laptop Cover!

  1. Hello Terri,
    I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to find your blog! Your laptop bag looks great, I keep meaning to make one but never get round to it (one of many things I never get round to!) I like the look of the book it came from too so I might just have to sneak that into my Amazon order next time…
    Best wishes
    Hen x

  2. I love this! Great job. Amy Butler has a pattern for one that I am really wanting to make when I get this sewing thing figured out a little more. Thanks for the kind comment on my flickr also. Stop by and say hello on the ole blog!

  3. Hey. I’m so excited! I just won a $50 gift certificate from TrueUp.net to spend at Phatfabric.com. One of the designers they carry is Amy Butler, and I fell in love with that fabric you used, isn’t it gorgeous? The only bit of it I’d seen, though, was the small piece they used on the fabric site, I hadn’t seen it in action until just now. I’m so glad I picked this fabric after seeing how awesome it looks on your project!!

    I don’t have a laptop anymore (what is it with laptops and kids knocking them off the backs of couches that makes the laptop not work anymore?) but if I did I would beg to buy a cover like this from you. And if I saw it in a cafe I would so stop and ask about it…great project, great work. :0)

  4. Hi Terri, I just jumped over to your blog after seeing you on the Sew, Mama, Sew Blog ~ love your projects….especially this laptop bag! You could easily sell this!

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