I like to write lists. Lately I have been listing the things I want to make for Christmas (it’s a HUGE and overly ambitious list). I also started making my wish list for my birthday and Christmas, which is always helpful to Dave.

Last year I wrote a short story for a graduate class that ended up being full of lists, like the main character was trying to get through a dilemma with lists, as if a boost of confidence. I didn’t intentionally write it to be that way, and for some reason I didn’t like that format, so I ended up hating the story. Oh well, I’m sure there’s a lesson learned in there.

Recently I started writing an email to my husband during the course of the week listing our agenda for the weekend. On the agenda for this weekend:

1. Work on a sewing project (of course!)

2. Plant bulbs

3. Clean up the yard, which includes a sub-list of:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Dig up the vegetable garden that was destroyed by last weekend’s very early first frost, which claimed my last crop of basil and tomatoes
  • Bake something, either apple crisp or pumpkin bread (or both)
  • Spend an hour at the local yarn shop knitting (wanna join me for a coffee?)

My weekend agenda/list is always bigger than I have the free time for, and sometimes I just enjoy being home (and NOT at work), so I don’t get anything done. But that’s okay. I still like to look at the list on Mondays to see if I can cross anything off. And then by about 9:00 on Monday morning, I am ready for the next weekend and I start over again with a new list.

What’s on your list for this weekend?

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