Scrappy Notebook Cover – Part 2

I carry a notebook with me at all times. Ideas pop into my head that I need to remember. I have found a certain style of notebook that works well for me, so I stocked up on a couple more. But the covers weren’t very pretty or stylish. I have wanted to make notebook covers for awhile, and the latest scrap challenge was a great opportunity.

The first notebook cover I made was hard for me to make, conceptually. I am a color-in-the-lines kind of gal, so making a scrappy log cabin blocks with unmatching fabrics forced me to stretch my imagination. I like how that scrappy block and linen notebook cover turned out so much that I needed another one.

I cut the rest of my scraps into 1″ strips and sewed them together. Then I cut that block in half and sewed it to the cover of a brown corduroy notebook cover.

I also used a larger piece of the scrap fabric I contributed for the inside lining.

I think I like this one even better, but that’s probably because the actual cover fits the notebook better.

Looks like I found another good way to use scraps and “color outside the lines.”

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