Just recently, I finished making these patchwork coasters using fabrics I bought a year ago and based on a pattern from The Purl Bee. I even had the pieces cut and ready to be sewn together since last year, so I am happy to have these completed and in use. I ended up with a set of 24 so they are scattered all over the house. I even have extras that I might be able to use for gift sets.


I am not very good about planning ahead when it comes to making things for a season, especially gifts for Christmas. I keep getting distracted with all the wonderful projects that keep coming out. I just want to rush straight home from work and make a new project every single day. (Those three projects are very high on my list, when I get some free time.) I could be so much more productive if work didn’t get in the way! Oh yeah, I am also making more of these in Christmas and winter fabrics.

patchwork drawstring bags

I did manage to finish this cute little garland, inspired by the photos in this book. I just love the combination of the snowy white pom poms with the shiny star beads and pony beads.

pom-pom garland

The only exchange I am participating in this year is the Holiday Traditions Exchange. I have spent a lot of time lately getting the gifts ready to mail to my partner. After a few days, I will post pictures of those goodies. I sure hope my partner likes what I made especially for her!

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