Artist’s Tote

I have never had the opportunity to visit an Anthropologie store.  I think there might be a new one in the Madison area but I’m not sure where.  I am purposefully avoiding finding it because I have a feeling I could spend too much money there.

I received a catalog this week, and just browsed through it.  When I got to this page, I was so drawn to these Artist Totes.

Front of Artist Tote

I put the catalog away for a day, but kept thinking about those unique totes.  I am one of those people who usually carries two bags – one is a purse and the other is a tote bag because my purse isn’t big enough for other stuff like my journal or sketchbook.  I don’t really like carrying two bags, but I’m not very good at purse shopping and never buy a big enough one.

Back of Artist Tote

I came home to find a package on my doorstep – my new tote! At first I was a little surprised at how big this tote is, but after carrying it around the house, I am beginning to love how big it is, big enough to carry my purse, notebook, camera, snack, even my laptop. I also love that it has two leather handles but also a shoulder strap.

Now I need to remember to recycle any future Anthropologie catalogs to eliminate further temptation.

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