A Trip to Hong Kong!

Some of you may know that my sister and her family are expats living in Guangzhou, China for three years for a job assignment.


(my sister and family in Xian)

girls-in-chinese-ny-outfits(My nieces Amanda and Abby in their Chinese New Year outfits)

I’m going to visit them!!!

I will be gone from March 12 until the end of the month. My mom and I are meeting my sister and her family in Hong Kong, where we’ll spend a few days sightseeing, and then we’ll take the train to Guanzhou (formerly known as Canton) where they live. I probably won’t be able to do any new posts on this blog until I get back because all the blog servers are blocked in China. You would think sewing blogs were harmless, but who knows.

airplane reading

(my reading for the 15-hour plane ride!)

I hope you all keep busy sewing and creating for the rest of March. Don’t forget to start watching for your bulbs to come up and hopefully enjoy some longer, warmer days!

11 thoughts on “A Trip to Hong Kong!

  1. Terri! How exciting. . .I bet your sister and family will be so glad to see you and your mom. And what an experience. Have a good time, I’ll miss your blog entries and do be safe. Oh, your nieces are beautiful in their costumes!

  2. Bon Yoyage Terri!! Have a wonderful trip with your family. Hong Kong is such a wonderful place to visit. Your reading material looks most inspiring.

  3. You lucky girl! I can’t believe you’re going to Hong-Kong! Can’t wait to see what inspiration you’re coming back with. Btw, how do you like Weekend Sewing?

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