Favorites from China

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my trip to China:

Amanda, MaryKay and Abby at The Peak

My sister and nieces at the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.

pink high rise buildings in Hong Kong

I love these pink high rise buildings in Hong Kong.

laundry hanging out to dry Laundry hanging out to dry – everywhere!

my sister at the fruit marketMy sister at the fruit market. This girl knew my sister and was always so helpful and friendly.

typical bike load!We saw this a lot – typical load on a bicycle!

laundry hanging from electrical wiringThere’s something about laundry  hanging from electrical wiring that I can’t get enough of!

look - patchwork!Look – a patchwork door!

pretty detailed gateI love the colors and details of this entry way.

bike row!Lots and lots and lots of bikes, mostly rough looking.

more laundry hanging from wires!More laundry hanging from wiring!

pearls pearls pearlsPearl, pearls, pearls!!!

patchwork buildingLook – a patchwork building!

seems typicalCab, anyone?

we saw lots and lots of scootersWe saw a lot of scooters too.

sewing business on the streetsThis lady set up her sewing business right on the street.

another sewing entrepreneurHere’s another sewing entrepreneur.

pearl and beading entrepreneursMore entrepreneurs at the pearl market. They were making pearl jewelry while my sister watched.

So many memorable moments from this vacation! Now I’m off to finish my homework for design class. One of these days, I am hoping to find some time to sew again.

5 thoughts on “Favorites from China

  1. The clothes hanging on electrical wiring is hilarious. I also like all the patchwork they have on their buildings.
    I know what you mean about finding time to sew again. My classes are taking all the joy from me. 🙂
    you should definitely get a few cute Japanese prints. Etsy is the best place to get them since you can get fat quarters. I want to make a little hexagon quilt with mine but lost my hexagon maker tool so haven’t been able to. I think it got packed away…..

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