Souvenirs from China

I wanted to show you the souvenirs I bought during my trip to China because they are not your typical souvenirs. I like to buy things from my trips, but I’m not a knick-knack kind of person. These are more fun!

From the Stanley Market which is a touristy, beachy, resort area on the opposite side of Hong Kong Island from the city:

Chinese Chop storage boxThat is the beautiful storage box for this:

Chop-ink-stampIt’s called Chinese chop or seal, which is a signature stamp with my name engraved in the bottom.  Those Chinese characters show what my name (or the year I was born) means in Chinese characters. That little porcelain dish is an ink well – isn’t that beautiful? I was born in the year of the monkey, so that’s a monkey on the top of my stamp. 

year of the monkey chop

From the Pearl Market, I bought this double-strand of pearls! OMG! I never thought I was a pearl girl, but I LOVE these. And I’m not saving them for special occasions – I will even wear them with t-shirts.

Pearls from the Pearl Market(a string of pearls and matching earrings for $30USD)

(bonus-a pretty silk drawstring pouch)

pearl strand and dangling earrings(I love these too – multi-color pearls and dangly earrings for about $15 USD)

From the Jade Market, I bought these two bracelets, which go nicely with that cool green necklace I bought at the pearl market:

green necklace and jade bracelets(green necklace and jade bracelets for a couple USD)

From the Leather Market, I bought a couple LeSportsac bags:

my new LeSports Sac bag - Pirates!(check out that girly pirate fabric – I love it cuz it’s whacky!)

my new autumn-themed Le Sports Sac bag(this one is a great size for lunches)

From the charity store, I bought this embroidered picture, which shows a typical scene from China, laundry hanging out to dry. I love the colors and the charm of this piece. I also love that it was made by a handicapped child who receives support from this charity.

laundry embroidery

That’s all! Thanks for letting me show off my pictures and my purchases, made in China!

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