Another Finished Quilt Top

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to have lots of time to work on a sewing project.  I finished this lovely quilt top with Ava Rose fabrics by Tanya Whelan.  I am so happy with the placement of the colors. But this top isn’t finished yet.

Ava Rose Quilt Top

I still have to quilt it with this fabric as the backing:

Backing for Ava Rose Quilt

One of these days, I really need to get over being anxious about machine quilting, and take the plunge to finish a quilt top on my own!  To relieve some of the pressure, instead of stippling this quilt top, I could do straight quilting inside each square and just outside the borders.

I’ve had this Singer sewing machine for about 12 years. I like it because I know it, it can drop the feed dogs, and it has the ability to attach a free motion quilting foot. But it doesn’t seem to have a very big opening to fit a quilt.  I have done some stippling practice on scraps, but I suppose I should at least try stippling on a quilt or something bigger than scrap pieces. I know I should.

My next quilting project is this quilt pattern with these fabrics. 

zig zag quilt in progress

I’m so excited for this quilt that I am enjoying the entire process, even my least favorite task of cutting.  I am enjoying each step of the way.

zig-zag in progress

I’m not as anxious about machine quilting this one on my own because I’m planning to follow the zig and the zag with stitching.

12 thoughts on “Another Finished Quilt Top

  1. Love those Ava Rose fabrics…you were busy sewing this weekend too! I’m the same way about machine quilting…I’m always wary of it, even though I’ve had some success!

  2. Oh, that quilt top is so beautiful! I’m brand new to the world of sewing and dream about the days I can do something like this!

  3. I love the Ava quilt! VERY pretty!

    I started a Darla one this weekend and I hope to hone my machine quilting skills too. A new machine might be in order though, since my present one likes to skip stitches. 😦

  4. what a sweet little quilt! I’ve been dying to use those free spirit fabrics myself! I’m excited to see how yours turns out!!

  5. Love the zig zag quilt – can’t wait to see it completed – the AMH fabric is amongst my current favourites! Your Darla quilt looks very sweet.

  6. Lovely quilt! And I can’t wait to see your AMH quilt. For some reason I still haven’t got any of the fabric, I think need to go shopping 🙂

  7. have you seen anna marie horner’s quilt that is just like your zig-zag but uses the warm color palette for one and the cool palette for the other?

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