Gardening and Drawing Class

We exhausted ourselves last weekend planting trees and shrubs. Our goal this spring is to fill in our big backyard so it feels more like a park.

We started with a magnolia tree. Isn’t she pretty?

magnolia tree ready to plant

We bought some holly shrubs to have foliage and berries in winter, when everything is dormant and bare.

Holly shrubs

We added a row of willow shrubs to the side of the house, where there is a hodge-p0dge of columbines, lilies of the valley and wood poppies.

willow shrubs

We still have to plant the birch clump, which will replace a dyeing birch in our front yard.

new birch tree

I spent the entire day on Sunday in a drawing class for beginners at the botanical gardens.   We started with the basics, from intuitive drawing to gestural drawing to blind drawing.  Then we progressed to still life, where we focused on measuring and shading.

tomato-onion still life

I’ve never really drawn still life free-hand, so this was exciting to learn how to really look at something and translate it onto paper. 

still life of bottles

I am hoping to combine our growing garden with a budding knack for drawing this summer.  It’s exciting to turn another creative corner in my life!


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