Nine-Patch for Swap

Anina is hosting a 9-patch swap, and I was lucky to get in on the action. She limited the swap to the first 50 people, and I think it filled up fast. I have always wanted to participate in a quilting bee or a quilting swap, but I’m never in the invitee list, or I miss the sign-up deadline.

three by three by twiddletails.

The plan is to make 16 nine-patch blocks which are 6″ finished, and mail them to Anina by May 31.

9-patch blocks for swapDone.

Then we have to make another 16 blocks to send to Anina by June 30.

Second round of 9-patch blocks for swapAlmost done.

At the end we will have 32 blocks from other swappers to make into our own quilt, unless people want to continue for another month to get 48 blocks total. I can’t wait to see what other swappers are making!

5 thoughts on “Nine-Patch for Swap

  1. I love your blocks. . .I was too late to sign up. . .sniff, sob! But I can’t wait to see your blocks and those you receive. Very, very nice.

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