Mini Coin Quilts

I spent a couple hours on Saturday practicing my free motion quilting again. (I hope you’re not sick of me practicing this – I can be compulsive.)

FM practice on minis

This is how I spent my Sunday – enjoying the beautiful outdoors while finishing my latest round of mini quilts.

how I spent my Sunday

I cut these charm squares from the Daisy Chain fabric collection, and had a pile of scraps that I made into these mini quilts before I even started the real quilt.

Daisy Chain charm squares

Here are the finished minis:

mini coin quilt(front of the mini mini)

back of the mini coin quilt(back)

The one above is small enough to be used for a placemat or hot pad (measures 11″ x 13″), and the one below is big enough to be used for a table topper or a doll quilt (measures 23″ square).

my other mini coin quilt(front of my other mini coin quilt)

back of my other mini coin quilt(back of my other mini coin quilt)

I really love the colors of these fabrics because they remind me of sea glass, which I have only seen in magazines.

photo of sea glass in Coastal Living

Seashell hunting is fun whenever we visit the ocean, so it would be fun to hunt for sea glass too. Where do you even find sea glass? Anyway, I am quite happy with how these projects turned out, so now I’m feeling another sewing project addiction developing!

13 thoughts on “Mini Coin Quilts

  1. Oh no i can never get sick of you practicing this! Your mini quilts are gorgeous as always! I love the color combination. Your sooo good at it. 😀 Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  2. Amazing!! It’s good to practice so that you’re comfortable! I think these are too cute! After seeing all your mini quilts, I’m thinking I should try some! Oh, and you’re right, the colors are gorgeous–like all the Amy Butler prints!

  3. I wasn’t even sure what sea glass was, so I tried ebay. They have quite a few examples, but I’m not sure about the authenticity of some! It would be so much more fun (and meaningful) to find it on the beach. Gorgeous colors!

  4. I made a quilt with the same fabrics and called it “Sea Glass” too…and like you…I’ve never really seen the real thing on the beach! But I love it!

  5. The minis look great! And I like your idea of using up the scraps before you make the big quilt. I’m thinking it’s a great way to get an early start on Christmas gifts! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. They look great – looks like you had a fun weekend! Sea glass is a great name – and finding it is fun too! I’ve been collecting it since I was really little, though most of it I’ve found at the lake – lake glass, I guess! (it’s all the same to me, but maybe those who are true collectors wouldn’t consider lake glass to be legit!)

  7. Hi Terri-Your mini quilts are gorgeous! I create items using genuine sea glass that I find on the beaches near me,as well as genuine sea glass that I buy from others. The glass I buy is usually different than the glass I find on local beaches.We tend to get large,flatter pieces near me.English sea glass is thicker and rounder and multi colored-I love it! You don’t have to go far to find it-there are other sellers on Etsy that sell loose sea glass in the supplies category. Marianna

  8. I LOVE IT!! I haven’t used my little bits of Daisy Chain yet but it looks great as a mini coin quilt.
    I am not sick of your compulsive free motion quilting at all. In fact it inspires me to break out fabric and start quilting. I only wish my machine would let me do free motion. I hear you can put tape over the feed dogs but I haven’t tried it yet……..

  9. Cute I love them! Keep up the free motion practice, although it looks like you are really good at it already! Its fun isn’t? but quite the workout on a big quilt. I love that little mini quilt, very very cute!

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