Ta Da!

It’s finished! Here is the first quilt I pieced and machine quilted myself!

zigzag on the bench

I used Nettie’s pattern, which I loved. I typically stay away from triangles for fear of matching up those points, but this was a fun quilt to make.

zig zag quilt finished!

I wanted to emphasize the zig zag motion of the quilt so I used Ashley’s quilting technique by following the zig and the zag with lines on each side. 

zig zag folded up

The zig zag quilting makes a nice effect on the back too.

zig zagged quilt backing

I was so anxious to show you pictures of it that I haven’t had time to wash it yet, but I will do that tonight.  I love it and I’m so happy it’s finished!

23 thoughts on “Ta Da!

  1. SO pretty! I love it so much. You should be very proud! Don’t you have such a greater ownership over it after quilting it yourself? Looking at it, I want to go out and buy Good Folks and make one for myself! I’ve never done this type of quilting…did you use your walking foot?

  2. Way to go, Terri! This looks so wonderful. That method of quilting really does give it an extra punch. You should be very proud of yourself!

  3. You did such a great job! Good Folks was a perfect fabric choice it looks fantastic. I wish I had the patience for sewing a zig zag quilt.
    Maybe one day….. =D

  4. The picture of it sitting in the grass is so simple and beautiful-every quilt should be photographed this way! You should be so proud, Terri!

  5. you should be very proud! This is a wonderful FIRST quilt! It looks like it was done by a pro-quilter. I love the colors and the design together!!

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