A Finished Coin Quilt – Progress!

I made this coin quilt a couple months ago as a part of the coin quilt piece-along, and I finally finished the quilting and binding!  Just wanted to prove that I have been sewing a little bit lately.

finished coin quiltI quilted straight lines around each column of coins, and then more lines around the entire piece.

front side of coin quiltI pieced the back with a larger cut of Bell Bottoms fabric I had in my stash and a couple extra columns of coins for the backing.

coin quilt backing

I think the back looks cool, but in hindsight, I would have had made the front wider with those extra coins and put a solid green in the middle section.

I still love how this one turned out!

12 thoughts on “A Finished Coin Quilt – Progress!

  1. This is really cute! The quilting really looks good with this design. And I like the pieced binding. Feels good to make some progress on something occasionally, doesn’t it?

  2. I too, love how this turned out! I also love that you are featured on the designer’s blog, that’s a pretty great compliment!

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