Good To Be Home

Thank you for all the vacation wishes! It was great spending a week at the lake cottage, but it sure feels good to be home now. I missed by hubby, who stayed home to work and take care of things in my absence.

We spent a lot of time swimming in the cold Lake Michigan waters.

waves rolling inWe had so much fun playing in the waves.

nieces washed up on shoreAnd we taught my five-year-old niece how to kayak.

Amanda kayaking

We all took turns on the kayak, but my 12-year-old niece Taylor enjoyed the best sunset on the water.

Taylor kayaking at sunsetOf course, we spent plenty of time around the bonfire.

bonfire on the beachWe enjoyed dinner at my favorite outdoor restaurant.

the gang at Fred and FuzzysWe went for a ten-mile bike ride through Peninsula State Park.

Peninsula State ParkI would highly recommend this trail.

Sunset Bike TrailIt went through the beautiful woods,

biking through the woodsand it went along the lakefront too.

biking along the lakefrontWe ended each day chillaxing with a cocktail around the bonfire.

chillaxing around the bonfire

It felt good to sleep in my own bed again, shower in my own bathroom, and enjoy being home with Dave. I managed to get a little sewing done while I was away, and I look forward to more time for that over the next few days. Unfortunately, I’m NOT looking forward to returning to work on Monday. Hope everyone had a great week!

10 thoughts on “Good To Be Home

  1. Oh my gosh! It looks like you all had so much fun. What a great get-away for you and your family! Glad to have to you back! 🙂

  2. I think there are only two bad things about a vacation, the laundry that needs to be done upon returning home and going back to work that first day. Ugh. Your photo s appear to say it was all worth it, though!

  3. It looks like you had a great vacation with your family. It always feels nice to get home though, there’s no place like home.

  4. Welcome back terri!! Missed you while i was away! I have lots to catch up on your posts. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation with us. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!!

  5. Hey! Welcome home! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The hiking and swimming and kayaking sounds like a blast. It always is good to go home, though, isn’t it? The best of both worlds, I say…

  6. I’m still jealous! It looks so fun and cool :)! Your nieces are not going to want to go back to China, not with all the fun going on here! What a great aunt you are!

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