Meet My New Friend

I have a new friend I would like to introduce you to.

meet my new machineMeet Debbie, my new Husqvarna Viking Emerald sewing machine. She is simple and straightforward, and she didn’t cost a lot like the other gals I wanted to bring home with me.

She’s not too different from my previous sewing machine, just more heavy-duty and smoother. She sews faster, she can wind a tighter bobbin, she has a working automatic needle threader, she doesn’t skip stitches (like my old machine did), she sews a better 1/4″ seam, and she can stop with her needle in the down position. I just got a free motion foot for her so now we can practice our quilting together.

She helped me make this together, just a fun little project for practice.

patchwork mouse pad

Speaking of friends, did you see the new Friendship Bag Swap over at Quilting Gallery?
Friendship Bag Swap

I think this is such a sweet sentiment, and Rachel provided a wonderful tutorial to make for your partner (or you can make your own). I fell in love with that little friendship bag as soon as I saw it. I am so excited for this swap!


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