Gifts for Friends

I am so bad at keeping my own secrets! Seriously. I want to jump up and down and yell out to the world. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t steal your thunder and reveal your secrets.

friendship bags for gifts

I made these two friendship bags for two sewing friends of mine who I felt compelled to send handmade gifts to. I am going to fill them with sewing notions. I used Rachel’s tutorial, which I highly recommend. It was a very easy pattern to follow, so these projects came together in less than two hours.

I won’t elaborate too much more yet about the recipients of these friendship bags because they read this blog, and I want them to be surprised when the package arrives in their mail. Let’s just say I am thankful for their friendship, and they deserved a little something sweet.

11 thoughts on “Gifts for Friends

  1. Those bags are adorable!! I have that on my list of to do’s sometime in the future. LOL I’m sure your friends will be delighted to get your bags.

  2. Those are such a great way to use up some scraps in the cutest way possible! Looking at them has reminded me that I have a lot of scraps in just that size and shape. Once again, Terri, you have inspired me!

  3. They look great. I have been wanting to make a bag from that tutorial as well. I just haven’t been in a creative mood lately. I still have yet to look at my magazines and new sewing book and it’s been a week. I must be sick. 🙂

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