Art of Drawing Class – Recap

My mom and I spent two days this past weekend in an art / drawing class at an artist’s retreat in the country near my house.

our classroom

Check out the lovely view from our classroom windows.

view from our classroom

We tried many, many different art and drawing techniques over the course of the two days. One of the projects was a cooperative drawing, where you have two minutes to  draw something on your own sheet of paper, then pass it on the person next to you, who adds to it. There were six people in the class, so we had a big variety of perspectives.

cooperative drawingsMy project began with a paisley and ended up with this cool face winking back with feathers in his hair and all this wonderful whimsy surrounding him.

whimsical cooperative drawing

We also worked on an experimental drawing where we had to pick an everyday object, render it in charcoal, and then exaggerate features with varying values by darkening areas with more charcoal and erasing areas. We could add a little touch of color when we were finished. Most of the students’ projects turned out quite whimsical.

experimental drawings

(My project is the silly dust pan on the lower left. My mom’s is the iron.)

Our final project was based on a favorite drawing we brought in. We could either recreate the drawing, do our own interpretation of the drawing, or try something experimental. Because I want to learn how to just draw, I decided to recreate a part of the drawing I brought in.

Spring Faery drawing

I brought in a copy of this drawing by Kajsa Flinkfeldt, who I really love. I decided to recreate just the faery’s face using a grid method.

my recreation of the spring faery face

I don’t have much experience drawing anything, so I’m am quite happy with how this turned out. I think she looks beautiful!

I was so motivated when I got home that I decided to try another drawing by Flinkfeldt.

Raven Faery

To me, the face doesn’t look enough like the original, so I’m still working on this one. Her hair needs to be darker and her face needs to be a little rounder, but I still think she looks cool. This is a learning process, right?

my drawing of the Raven Faery face

My semester-long drawing class begins on Monday night at the technical college. I am excited to learn more and explore this world through drawing!

9 thoughts on “Art of Drawing Class – Recap

  1. That art / drawing class at an artist’s retreat in the country near your house is fabulous!! Sounds like you had such a fun creative weekend! I too don’t have much experience in drawing…but would love to attend a learn to draw class some days. 🙂

    Your mama and your drawing looks wonderful! 🙂 Have a lovely rest of the weekend and lots of love to yoU!

  2. Your fairy drawings look great! I’m very impressed! Good luck with that drawing class this fall. Someday I’ll have to break down and sign up for one of those. 🙂

  3. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing two days! I love your drawings. Sounds like it was the perfect class at the perfect time for you. Good luck with your new class tonight!

  4. Terri, your drawings are beautiful. What a weekend well spent! And your mom went, too. . .how fun! Have a good time tonight and let us know how it turns out.

  5. Wow, those drawings by you and your mother are amazing, you definitely have the talent. Looks like such a fun weekend and it’s great that you and your mom have a common interest. My sis and I tried to get my mom involved in quilting, but she wasn’t interested. Although she was a good seamstress and taught me how to sew around 8-9 yrs old.

  6. I think you are very gifted! Well done and good luck with future art projects. (I´m really flattered, by the way 😉

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