In With the New

I got my new laptop back from the Apple store a couple days ago and I can’t stop myself! They transferred all my data for me, which worked out very slick. It’s amazing how fast a new computer can be.

My old laptop had a version of photo software that was four versions ago, so I haven’t figured out yet where my photos are saved in the new version. I will probably stumble along for a few days before going through a couple tutorials. The package came with new software called Garage Band, where you can learn how to play piano or guitar. I took acoustic guitar lessons as a teenager, so I was thinking it would be fun to learn to play again. (in my spare time!)

new laptop on patchwork

In the meantime, I am making a new laptop bag. Hopefully, I will be back in a couple days with photos of a finished patchwork project.

11 thoughts on “In With the New

  1. How fun!! I love making cozies for new gadgets. Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

    Oh and the Kindle isn’t mine, it’s my mothers. She loves it though! She said there are all these different screen-savers that randomly come on. She never knows what she is going to see. Your sister will enjoy it I am sure. I would get one if I had time to read. I usually sew though if I can manage any free time in my week. 🙂

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