A Check Off the Honey-Do List

One of the items on my husband’s honey-do list was to order firewood before winter arrives. I came home to find a face cord (about 100 logs) of firewood dumped on our driveway this afternoon. Woo hoo!

firewood on drivewayWe had to move it to the back yard so it’s close to the backdoor. Since we don’t have a wheelbarrow, we had to improvise to get it around the house and in the back.

hauling firewoodThat sled worked so well – it took us less than an hour to move that huge pile.

sledding firewoodWe still have to split some of the big pieces and stack the logs into neat piles close to the family room door.

our fireplaceI am looking forward to sipping hot chocolate, with a knitting project in hand while listening to the sounds of a crackling fire. Now, what’s next on that honey-do list?!

8 thoughts on “A Check Off the Honey-Do List

  1. Oh Fun! Nothing like stacking wood…I can’t wait to do this too and decorate the mantle for Christmas! The hot chocolate sound good, but I might add a little Bailey’s to mine 😉

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