My Entry into the Fall Quilt Festival

Have you seen all the gorgeous quilts at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival? Amazing work being displayed out there!

I was torn between two of my recent favorite quilt projects, but ultimately I decided to enter this one into the festival. I made it as part of the coin quilt piece-along earlier this year. I was a little intimidated to machine quilt it myself, so it took me until July to finally finish it.

finished coin quiltI planned to use a pattern, but as is typical for me, I cut the coins the wrong size. So I ended up making my own pattern to finish this one, and it turned out just fine. Sometimes I just not good at following directions or staying within the lines! The finished quilt measures 48-inches x 67-inches.

front side of coin quiltI love Jennifer Paganelli‘s fabrics, you know her, of the Sis Boom fame. I love the colors in the Bell Bottoms collection, which make me feel like lounging on the beach with a book and a cocktail. I haven’t machine quilted very many of my own quilts, so for this one, I wanted to keep it simple with lines in the white sashing. I added a patchwork binding with the scraps.

coin quilt backing

I was so humbled when Jennifer actually noticed my quilt and gave it a shout out.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my favorite quilt. By the way, my etsy shop is also a sponsor in the festival so be sure to sign up to win some of the great giveaways being offered.

34 thoughts on “My Entry into the Fall Quilt Festival

  1. Beautiful quilt! I really like the look of stacked coin quilts and am planning on making one, hopefully, in the near future. I’m pretty new to quilting (I showed my first two on my blog as part of the Festival) and think stacked coins would be great for a novice like me!

  2. You know there is just something about a quilt when one line is used–it just flows and is intriguing, yet restful. I love the tones in this, and I think the “coins” approach is a good one to showcasing a fabric line while still letting the “quiltiness” of a quilt come through without being overwhelmed by the fabrics. I visited your shop–very fun stuff!

    –ELIZABETH E, #115

    1. Thanks Sherri. I wish I could know Jennifer in person; she seems like such a genuinely warm and wonderful person. I’ve seen her comment on other people’s blogs, which I think is so cool that she reaches out like that. Thanks again,Terri

  3. I still really love this quilt! How cool that you ended up making your own pattern, so it’s definitely *your* quilt. The prints are so very pretty!

  4. One of the best things about quilt-making is that you can cut a stack of pieces the wrong size and still end up with a beautiful heirloom! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who typically cuts things the wrong size. Every now and then, I can see. But, I could set my watch by it!!

  5. Love it, great way to put a lot of fabs together. I’m another person who finds it hard to stay between the lines, and with this one no one would ever be able to tell, not even the dreaded Quilt Police!

    Do stop by my entry to the festival at
    I’m having a small giveaway!

  6. Okay, first of all, I love your new “profile” pic!

    Also, you know I LOVE and covet this quilt…

    and Congrats on becoming a sponsor, way to promote your little shop, girlfriend!

    Hope you are staying warm up there (we’ve been freezing here for several days now, and hey, what happened to my Autumn?

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