This Has Been My Week

I just know these pictures I took at my desk will make you envious of how I spent my week:

I have been coordinating several (nine to be specific) rather large real estate investment transactions, which generate a lot of paperwork!

In the evenings, I have been working on a couple mini quilts to ease my pain!

I am using scraps from last year’s projects while I wait for fabrics to arrive in the mail so I can finish my Christmasy patchwork. These each measure about 10 inches wide by 12 inches tall, so they are definitely minis.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get through the week!

12 thoughts on “This Has Been My Week

  1. I just love that ric-racky print! The Christmas fabrics in the shops are so cute (or beautiful). Terri, your patchwork makes me want to keep sewing Christmas things in January. Hey, at least then they’d be ready for next Christmas!! If I had your job, I would design cute things in my head while engaged in paperwork and make a million mistakes!

  2. Boy, that stack brings back memories. . .usually right about the time the state came in for a program evaluation for the department I worked in at Butte. Hang in there!

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