Sewing, But Not For Me

I am so excited to be participating in the online quilting bee One Block Over this year! If you’re reading this and you’re not family with an online quilting bee, it is a group of twelve people who assemble to help make each other’s quilts. Each member sends out fabrics for their month with instructions on what block to make. The rest of the members make that block and send it back to the original member. It’s like making a cooperative quilt.

Here is the January block I made for Michelle at Calico Daisy.

She wanted a pinwheel inside a star, so we used the pattern for the Feb. 2010 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

Such a cool idea for a block! Check out the variety.

I was excited to finally try out my quick quarter tool (thanks to Sherri for the reminder that I had one). You just line up the slotted center of the tool with each corner of a square, draw two lines on either side of the tool,  and sew along those lines, giving you a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Cut down the center, in between the two lines, and you get two triangle squares (see center pinwheel above).

Here is the February block I made for Heather.

Heather requested a wonky log cabin block, as wonky as we could get. I’ve never made a log cabin block or a wonky log cabin block, so I followed the directions from Quilt Dad‘s quilt-along posted last fall. I hope it is wonky enough for Heather’s taste! I think she will be able to trim this block or add to it to match the size she needs.

I have been assigned the month of August, and I’m thinking about doing a Fall quilt in Wonky Star blocks with a pile of Belle fabrics by Amy Butler.

In other sewing talk, did you see that Rachel is hosting a quilt-along to make her pinwheel quilt? I do love pinwheels so I would love to make that one!

pinwheel sampler quilt along. {button.}

Did you see that Randi is going to be hosting a quilt-along too? That looks like a great project to use up some scraps.


Oh wait, I cannot start another quilt until I finish my UFOs. It’s still fun to dream about quilts to make!


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