Week Night Progress

This is what I’ve been slowly working on during the weeknights this week:

darning Mike's mitten

My brother gave me his favorite mittens to darn, since one of them had a hole near the fingertips and a big hole in the thumb. I’m not a big fan of darning because I don’t really know how to do it, especially with such a big area that doesn’t have much yarn/thread left to pull back together. I usually just make it up as I go along. He gave these to me a couple weeks ago, and I forgot about them! (sorry Mike!) They will be in the mail this afternoon.

I have resolved to not start another quilt this year until I finish the unfinished ones in my house. To keep up with that resolution, I send three quilts to a machine-quilter friend of mine a few weeks ago. I sewed the binding onto my Darla quilt last Sunday, and I’m trying to get the binding hand-sewn onto the back by the weekend.

binding for Darla quilt

If I get that binding finished in the next couple nights, I’m planning on quilting my Mod Girls quilt this weekend, which I’m really excited to finish because I love that quilt! I even have the binding all ready sewn together and pressed, lined up to attached to a finished quilt. I also have a bunch of products to work on for my shop, so you can find me in what Dave calls the “girl cave” for the next few nights.


  • The Darla and Mod Girls quilts are so pretty! Enjoy your time in your girl cave 🙂


  • Your Darla Quilt is so pretty- hope you get it finished this week!

  • Getting unfinished projects done sounds like a theme amoung quilters so far this year. Best of luck with getting them all done before you start a new one.
    Happy Quilting!!!

  • Wow! Sounds like you are well on the way to getting things all caught up! Good Job!

    I can’t wait to see the finished results!

  • Great resolution…I’m going to get two back from the quilter next week…I probably should finish a few things too…it seems I have several things really close to being finished!

  • I fINALLY started free-motion quilting last week-end and now finishing quilt tops is my obsession! Terri – you truly make the most feminine quilts ever. That was the reason I first started reading your blog!

  • Way to keep yourself in line with your WIPs!!! I’m really bad about that, too. I’m impressed you can darn mittens. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that!

  • The quilts are so pretty. I really like Mod Girls and will love to see that finish.

    You’re such a good sister!

  • Congrats on following through with finishing your UFO’s. I’m the worst about starting a new project before completing one. Hopefully I can commit to finishing some UFO’s this year.

  • Excellent idea to finish what you have started. I need to make that a goal for me. I have to many unfinished projects. I can’t wait to see your Mod Girls quilt.
    You are so talented to be able to fix those mittens.
    Have fun in your “Girl Cave.”

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