Valentines Day Table Runner

I finished my Valentines Day table runner, which I pieced together and quilted last year, but I never finished sewing on the binding. Now I can count this as another finished project for the year!

It’s simply uneven strips pieced together, with a border around them. Our buffet table measures about 17 inches deep and this new runner is about 14 inches, so it fits nicely. I love this combination of colors – brown with red and pink.

I appliqued the hearts with my old sewing machine, which never cooperated when doing applique or zig-zag stitches. I ended up hand sewing over the spotty machine stitching because it skipped every couple stitches.

For the binding, I pieced together a combination of the leftover fabrics, which looks cool as you wind your way around this runner.

I’m so happy I stuck with this project, and finally finished it! It adds colorful cheer in our living room, especially this time of year when things look so drab outside. It’s actually the only Valentine’s Day decoration we have in the house, except for that bowl of red and pink MnMs.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I have to give a shout out to thank my friend Vicki for sending me a surprise Valentine’s Day package!

She is famous for her whirligig pinwheels, so I feel honored to get a towel with a red-and-white-pinwheel-band through the middle.

I will be wearing this adorable heart brooch for the rest of the week!

17 thoughts on “Valentines Day Table Runner

  1. I love your table runner! Pink and brown is one of my favorite combos! How festive~I still have lights a twinkling on my 4 live Christmas trees on the front porch~I’m such a Christmas freak! The pin is so cute, everyone at work will be jealous!

  2. I have never really decorated for Valentine’s Day, but you and other bloggers are pretty convincing in your lovely inspiration. I don’t think my Fairy Hearts quilt will be done by then, but I do have a decorative plate with hearts on it that I should dig out before it’s too late….

  3. Congrats on the finish, I love your valentines table runner. I don’t usually make table runners because of all the binding work. LOL Love the whirlgig towels, too cute and the pin is sweet. Lucky you!!

  4. It’s very sweet! I love all the pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day (I know, gag, whatever-I love it anyway) and this is just too cute! Also, score one for you for finishing a year later! Once WIPs hit a year for me, I almost always forget I started (I have pieces of a seersucker skirt still waiting to see the light of day) and they sit forever.

  5. Love that runner. I guess I really like the red white and pink together. The more I see those colors together the more I like them. I just never thought I would like the bright things. I’m more country, primitive. I will have to do something in those brights and see how I like it. Your friend did a very good job. Love the towel to. Keep up the good work. I’m working on a sweatshirt jacket now. Its not turning out to bad. Taking the sweatshirt apart was more time consuming then the sewing is. Can’t wait to finish it now.

  6. Terri, great table runner! I love your combination of fabrics. Congratulations on another finish:)

    To all Terri’s readers:
    What she is much too humble to mention is the Christmas package she sent me which I neglected to blog about. She knows that I don’t knit worth a hoot and sent me some yummy knitted things and some good smelling things! Yeah, Terri’s a keeper!

  7. Dear Terri, i really adore your gorgeous table runner! Loving the fabrics, design and the very cute colors! I’ve been so busy lately that i hardly the time to visit you here on your gorgeous space. Missed you while i was away. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  8. That table runner is adorable! I really love the hearts. I bet it’s exciting to get to use it this year!! Lucky you with your V-Day surprise package!!!

    1. Hi Lyndsey. The pattern for this table runner was published in the February/March 2011 issue of Sew News magazine. The center strips are cut in a variety of lengths, from 2″ wide, 2-1/2″ wide, 3″ wide and 3-1/2″ side. And they are about 10-1/2″ long. I sewed together 18 strips so the center section is about 10-1/4 wide by 41-3/4″ long. Then I sewed the outer borders which are 2-1/2″ wide. Then I layered it with batting and backing and quilted it, including appliqueing the hearts to each end. Then I added a scrappy binding. Hope that helps!

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