Cool Colors Patchwork

I made a new zipper bag in this cool patchwork combination. Kinda beach-y, kinda spring-y, kinda cheerful – all things that make me happy.

These blues and greens are so calming, making me think of the gently rolling ocean waters. Why do all the uber-fabulous Sis Boom fabrics make me want to go to the beach?!

I changed the handle a bit with just a strap attached as a zipper pull, instead of a wristlet-type of handle.

This particular zipper bag is a perfect size for carrying your sewing notions, or your camera or mp3 player and charger cord.

I adore the patchwork combination of this new drawstring bag I made too!

I love the colors teal and brown next to each, with a splash of pink too. Again, now I want to go to the beach, carrying this bag filled with suntan lotion, flip flops, a towel, a radio, snacks, and a cool beverage to top it all off.

I added piping to the bottom of this one, giving it a more finished look.

This one measures 14 inches tall with a 7-inch wide bottom. I use these stuff sacks to carry stuff, especially whenever I travel, such as keeping shoes separate inside my suitcase or to keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes.

Both added to my Shop!

13 thoughts on “Cool Colors Patchwork

  1. Keep it up!!! You can really put some cool fabrics together,and those little bags are so cute. Great for just about caring anything small.

  2. Love these colors and bags! Love the new handle too! And yes, Jennifer’s fabrics remind me of the beach…my favorite place to vacation!

  3. Yiipee…new creations! I always adore seeing your new creations as they always come with such gorgeous gorgeous combination of fabrics and colors. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  4. Terri, you always make such great little bags. Pretty and very useful. Sis Boom and the beach do seem to go hand in hand. And I love little sewing retreats at the beach. Last time I was there I made a Sis Boom quilt, and I’m already thinking ahead to Spring Break on the coast and what projects to pack. Decisions, decisions — aka, so many projects, so little time.

  5. They look terrific. Jennifer’s fabrics are always so cheerful. I really like the piping on the bottom of the drawstring bag was it difficult to sew? I have a bunch of piping but haven’t used them for some reason. This is tempting me to try it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Staci! I have found working with piping to be quite easy, even on curves. I sew it to the outer fabric first, matching up the raw edges, and lining up a zipper foot directly over the stitching on the piping fabric that holds the cord tight. That way, the piping doesn’t stick out too far from your final seams. I also pin it in place a lot. Then when you go to sew the outside and inside layers together, follow your stitching from when you attached the piping. It adds such a finished look, especially on bags and pillow covers.

  6. I really love the blues! I know what you mean about the Sis Boom fabrics, she has such wonderful sky, water, ocean blues! Love your bags!

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