Best Practice – Carry Your Product

The phrase “best practices” was a buzz for years in the corporate world. I recently heard someone in the cubicle next to me say it in their phone conversation, and the creative lightbulb went off in my head. I thought it might be fun to start a regular column here to share best practices with other sewists, bloggers, and makers of handmade goods.

Experts say when you make stuff to sell you should always carry your products with you as free advertising. For instance, I like to sew. However, I can’t carry all my bags and patchwork gear with me everywhere I go, so I had photos printed and I put them into a cute little album.

That little portfolio keeps getting thicker and thicker as I make new products, but I don’t want to have to carry a bigger purse. I made a couple simple little tote bags to carry my portfolio in.

One cheerful version for daytime.

Another girlie version for evenings.

(simple tutorial in the works!)

Now, if someone notices my tote bag, I can say “I made it” and show them pictures of the rest of the things I make.

I am going to start paying closer attention to the things I do and make, and share more ideas here, in hopes they might help someone else. Feel free to share your best practices from sewing to selling in the comments or link to your blog! (even just simple things like how you store your bobbins or how you store your cutting tools)


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