Clutch Experiment

I have been in the midst of a clutch design experiment over the past few months.

I have been making several different styles from a variety of shapes and colors.

Rhinestones, studs and chains have been sneaking their way into my projects too.

I sketched out a few designs using my curved design rulers, which I learned how to use in graphic design class last year. I have used them so much lately for a few patterns to try.

My inspiration for the brown zebra bag was this vintage beaded clutch I’ve had for years. It’s very pretty but delicate and a little stained, so it just sits safely tucked away in my dresser drawer. I decided to use it as a starting point to come up with my own party clutch. I think my party clutch needs to be wider, so I’m still tweaking the design.

I have also been trying out different fabrics, such as this silk I used for the lining. I’ve never sewn with silk, so I was nervous. It’s more stretchy than I realized, and more slippery than anything I’ve worked with (except for spandex back in the ’80s). But I think it looks so cool as a lining, so I’m definitely going to try that again!

My inspiration for the black zebra bag was this gold clutch I bought in Vegas for $10, thinking it would be another good example to put my own twist on. I was going for a rock-n-roll look with this one.

I love how it turned out, with that asymmetrical flap and musical fabric for the lining. I would like this one to be wider too, so I’m back to the design board.

Can you tell how much fun I’m having with this experiment?! I can’t wait to come up some the final samples to show you.

24 thoughts on “Clutch Experiment

  1. Ok. You have to tell me how to do the piping thing with the flap thing and not have open threads, corners, etc. I’m making some album covers for a photographer friend of mine and THAT is my only problem with them. No pretty edge at the corner of the flap. I think the piping takes care of it, but I’ve never done it before.

    CLUNK (That’s the sound of my jaw smacking the floor.) THOSE clutches, my friend, are simply gorgeous. Are they going up in your shop? I’m in LOVE!

  2. these are really fun Terri! I like the bluegreen flowery one and the zebra one. the piping on these really sets them off and makes them look professional. yay!

  3. Your designs are beautiful. Keep up the great work. I never thought about the curved design rulers. I will try it with my bags. Thanks.

  4. How fun. You are very creative. I think once you get the hang of sewing, putting in zippers, and such you can do about anything. Purses are not real hard to make, but to make them your own you have to have some creativity in the mind. That you most diffently have. Keep it going you are a great designer. Making them bigger wider smaller longer what ever you want I know you can do it. Very cool !!!!

  5. Curved design rulers?!! Back when I was designing bags, I was always pulling pots and pans and dishes out of the cupboard to create curves! You sure know how to use them well, Terri, and you continue to educate me. Love the asymetry (sp?) in your designs muchly! Have a great week-end!!

  6. Your clutches are really cute. It’s fun to see all your different fabric choices. Your black and white with the red rhinestones is very striking.

  7. Hello Terri, congrats on sewing with silk. Never done that myself. Love the clutches you have made. Those rulers you have look like you can do a lot with them. Happy sewing.

  8. Terri, these designs are amazing!! I really love all the curves, the aysmmetry, and the cording. Very nice! I also like that they made it into your new header!

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