Patchwork Arrangements

I decided to join the fun over at Sew,Mama,Sew for their Quilting Month. They are doing a sew-along series for the month of April. The first week, you make half-square triangles from charm squares, and then put them in different arrangements. It’s a cool way to teach people about the various blocks you can try with half-square triangles.

I used the charm squares left over in my stash from these mini coin quilts I made last summer. I especially love these fabrics because they remind me of sea glass. I plan to use these fabrics for the entire series, and will likely use these mini quilts for summer placemats. But I can’t seem to decide which layout to do for this first round.

Here is the triangle layout:

Here is the zig-zag layout:

Here is the hourglass layout:

Finally, here’s a diamond layout:

I’m taking a little poll – which one do you like best?

23 thoughts on “Patchwork Arrangements

  1. I think the diamond pattern makes a riviting quilt (so, of course that’s what I’m working on now)! Wouldn’t it be fun to do a quilt that included all of them?!

  2. i like them all…but that doesn’t help does it? i would say the diamond layout is the most striking to me. my LQS has a number of these prints and I always think sea glass too!

  3. I like both the simple triangles & the zig-zag the best. I think the contrast shows off your beautiful prints the best

  4. It is surprising how changing the layout can dramatically alter the effect. I love the zigzags and diamonds the best! Can’t wait to see which one you choose.

  5. Terri,
    What fun, I like the zig zag the best, but my second choice is triange layout. Can’t wait to see which one you do, they all look great!

  6. These look like my pink/green prints except in blue/green! I LOVE them 🙂 As for the layout, I like the movement of the zig-zags, but I think the diamonds are really elegant and striking! Beautiful work, Terri!

  7. Terri , I love them all but I do like the zigzag one the most. Good luck with the sewing,you have chosen a beautiful print. Happy days.

  8. I hadn’t realised there were so many variations – I always do pinwheels or diamonds! Shows you how little I have actually ‘played about’ with patchwork – I love pinwheels though – but that doesn’t help here :0)

    I love the zig-zags but not sure how a whole quilt would look in it – but I’m not really a stripey person (even zig-zag stripes lol) – they all look so different don’t they.

    I think out of the four above I would go for the hourglass as I like the way they change direction so it is less repetative.

    Have fun choosing!! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to use.

    Shell x

    Shell x

  9. I love that fabric! Blues and greens are so calming.

    I like the hourglass the best with the triangles a close second. HSTs have so many possibilities:)

  10. I think I like the triangle or zig-zag layouts. But if I had to choose one, I’d probably go with the triangle one because you can see all the different the fabrics best.

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