Best Practice – Notetaking

Notetaking is probably one of my strongest points in keeping my life organized, so that is the topic of today’s best practice idea. This is likely something you all do, sketch your sewing projects, make notes for your crafty business, or keep lists to keep your life organized.

During my first couple years in college, I struggled to find my groove. My mom signed me up for a class called “How to get better grades in school.” It was one of the best classes I’ve ever had. The biggest point I learned was how important it is to always take notes, whether it’s in a meeting, or bumming around the farmers market or visiting the botanical gardens. (The other valuable point we learned in that class was how to take notes, but that was more applicable to a classroom/lecture setting. It was a lot about bullet points and how to make lists.)

These days I carry a notebook or sketchbook with me EVERYWHERE I go, sometimes even to the bathroom. You just never know when an idea is going to pop into your head. I can get so easily distracted by the millions of other things going on or things to remember to do, that I might forget that idea.

I carry a stack of notecards in my purse to jot down ideas, sketch bag shapes or quilt blocks I want to try, colors combinations I’m interested in, names of flowers I want to draw or plant. I also carry a mini color wheel to mess around with when I find a few free minutes to daydream.

I would love to hear what system you use to keep track of your ideas and keep yourself organized.


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17 thoughts on “Best Practice – Notetaking

  1. I keep most of my notes on my phone, for instance, if I hear of a book that I want to read, I add it to the huge list of books on my phone. If I had a big “stash” of fabric, I would buy the phone application that lets you keep a record of the yardage you have along with a photograph.

    1. Great ideas, Anne! I have started to use the Notes application in my phone too. I love using it to keep track of errands, grocery lists, and an inventory of the zippers and piping I have in my stash so I don’t buy what I already have. I have been tempted to try that fabric application, but I was too lazy to photograph all the fabrics in my stash. Thanks for sharing!

  2. No WONDER you are so organized and get so much done! I love your fabric swatches in your little book. A great way to keep a record AND be inspired! Take care, Paula

  3. Wow! you are sooo organized! I wish I could say the same for myself. When I remember, I throw a little moleskine in my purse to jot ideas down, but I don’t do it with any regularity. Maybe I should! But I do make ToDo lists about once a month and give myself a date to have it all finished by. Does that count?

  4. One thing I’ve noticed: when I fall behind on notekeeping, I get depressed from the lack of organization. So notekeeping=antidepressant! The hardest thing is stopping in the midst of frenzied designing to record measurements and a permanent pattern.

    P.S. Terri, that pincushion is darling! Did you make that? If,so, is there a pattern? Have a great day!

  5. Your are so inspiring and organized, love this post. I make lists too, but I’m not as organized as you and haven’t been as good using one lately. I like to have a list, that way I won’t forget anything important.

  6. None — zero, zip, zilch, nada. My ideas just float around in my head. If I write notes or lists, I lose them. Sometimes I sketch things out, but have never come up with a system of organizing them. If I just got a bulletin board and/or white out board for my sewing projects, it would probably help 100%. Meanwhile, I’m just stumbling around….

  7. I’m such a product of the digital age!! I keep all my notes on Google Docs, so I can access them anywhere, even on my phone! Google Docs even has a drawing feature that I’ve used when I get some sort of idea for a quilt block in my head. If you give me something on paper, I will probably lose it. I never have any trouble finding anything electronic, though!! I like all your ideas and that lovely color wheel!!

  8. I really adore listing and taking notes! I carry with me a little journal everywhere i go. I really like all your ideas and that color wheel is really cool! Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely merry happy weekend! Love to you!

  9. I’m a list maker too. I find that no matter how many times I try to go digital for my notes, I always end up back with a notebook. Something about scratching through completed tasks I suppose… 🙂 I just got a new Liberty of London one (WOO HOO TARGET!) and it’s already half full.

  10. You’re so organized! When I was working and had kids at home I made a lot of lists. Now, I just use my white board and Notepad to keep track of projects I’d like to do at some point. If there’s a big event coming up, I do make a detailed list!

  11. Could only wish I could be that organized. I write things down on everything and anything. Then I look later for where I have written it down. You are so could.

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