I am constantly tweaking one thing or another on the patchwork projects, handbags and clutches I make.

I just finished making the custom order purse for my insurance agent just like the purse I made for my mom for Mother’s Day.

This one also measures 12 inches wide by 8 inches tall, but my agent requested the inside pockets be zipper pockets to keep little things more secure. I think I have found another addiction!

I used this tutorial as a guide to walk me through the steps for the first zipper installation. It was actually pretty easy, and provides great results.

These purses were a little difficult to part with, so I decided I needed a new summer purse for myself, using more fabrics from this Poppy collection.

And of course, I had to add a zipper pocket inside of my new purse too.

It’s fun to experiment with different fabrics, but it’s also fun to tweak ideas and add more cool features like this.

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16 thoughts on “Tweaking

  1. I love the fabric you chose for your purse and the piping really shows up well on it. The zipper top and pocket are such a good addition because it really keeps things so much more secure.

  2. Great job on that bag and thank you for linking to that tutorial.

    Oooh and then the one you just had to make for yourself is gorgeous too.

  3. The one you made is sooo beautiful–glad you made one for yourself:) Everything looks really nice with the zipper down to the shoulder strap–very professional.

  4. I just love the piping around the top of those bags! Think how much time we would have if nothing ever had to be tweaked; I could really use those hours!!

  5. Oh Terri, Those bags are so beautiful!! Love the teal/aqua zipper on the green lining, it really pops. Such a good idea to add the zippers. Love your new poppy bag, glad you made one for yourself. I’m sure it’s hard to give these beauties up.

  6. Hello Terri, Just love the bag you have made yourself. The tulip material is just so lovely and bright. Have a great day.

  7. I was afraid of zippered pockets for a long time! I think I used that same tutorial and was impressed at the ease of it. Your newest bag may be my favorite!

  8. I love it!! Beautiful bag!! I have so much bloggy catching up to do (crazy couple of weeks for me)! It looks like you’ve been BUSY 🙂

  9. I am always afraid of the zipper. I guess I will have to try it. Love the bags and the fabric. Your combo of colors are so cheery and bright. You do wonderful work, keep it up.

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