Bloggers Quilt Festival May 2010

I would like to share one of my most favorite quilts for Amy’s Bloggers Quilt Festival going on May 21-28!

I finished my zig-zag quilt this time last year with Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks fabric collection. I adore all of her fabrics, but I especially loved the bohemian feel saturated colors in this collection, so I wanted to show them off.

I based my quilt on Nettie‘s zig-zag tutorial of making the zig-zags with half-square triangles. I would definitely use that method again, but I would keep myself better organized so I don’t accidentally sew the wrong colors together and then NOT end up with the zig and the zag, and then have to tear them apart and realign things. It’s okay, you can laugh. I know, I can be an airhead sometimes!

It took me only a couple weeks more to quilt it and bind it – ta da! I quilted lines 1/4 inch from the seam of each zig and zag. That straight-line quilting was quite fun, and I highly recommend it for this pattern.

Normally, I like to use one piece of fabric for the back (it’s just easier), but I went out of my comfort on this one and pieced the back with three sections of blues, which I’m very happy with.

You can see how much my kitties love it too!

Also wanted to give a shout-out for my shop Patchwork Trails, which is a sponsor for this Bloggers Quilt Festival!

I am offering one of my makeup bags for a giveway item at the end of the festival. Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my quilt contribution to the Festival! Make time to stop by Amy’s post to check out all the amazing quilts being featured.

59 thoughts on “Bloggers Quilt Festival May 2010

  1. It is so beautiful, Terri! The fabrics are to die for and I’m glad you mentioned the tutorial you used because I have wanted to try a zig zag quilt for a long time.

  2. wow, you really did a wonderful job showing off this fabric line terri. i love the zig zag pattern…and love the coordinating AMH pillows on the couch!

  3. *also* Thanks for being a sponser of this event and your color wheel dresden looks fabulous in your header!!!

  4. Love the colors, the fabric is great. Don’t think your the only one that has sewed the zig with the zig instead of with the zag. I don’t know how anyone can keep up without a design wall. For me its a must.

  5. I LOVE that quilt Terri! You have chosen the progression of fabrics perfectly. I know what you mean about sewing the zigs and zags wrong – easy to mess up and a pain to pick out!

  6. I really love that, it does give off a bohemian vibe. If you turned it with the pinks to the top, it looks like water and a sunset as well.

  7. I don’t think any other fabric line lends itself to the zig-zag pattern like Good Folks; it must have been designed for it! That holds true for the back of this quilt, too. Everything about this quilt is fabulous, especially its cat-holding ability! Those two are so cuddly-looking I just want to squeeze them like a 2-yr-old would: too hard!! Have a fun and sunny week-end!

  8. Oh I love it! I’ve always thought about trying the half square triangle piecing but I don’t think I’d last through the whole quilt with it… but yours turned out aweseome. I definately love those good folks prints!

  9. That pattern was a perfect choice to let you really enjoy these prints. Looks like you did a really nice job.
    And yes, the quilt in place in your home looks really rich and inviting……bohemian, I guess……..I’ve heard the term so much and don’t even know what it really means, but I like this quilt !

  10. It’s so pretty! I did a Good Folks zig zag, too, last year as a gift for my mom but I only used the warm colorway. I love it with the blues and greens too.

  11. I’ve been taking notice of zig zag quilts a lot recently. I probably should try one myself sometime soon. I sure like how you arranged the colors. You’re right about the stripe on the back. It is very eyecatching and a perfect complement to the front!

  12. I can’t stop looking at this quilt! The fabrics really do all the work in the half-square triangles. I love what you did with the color placement, too. Beautiful!

  13. I love your Good Folks Quilt. I have been reluctant to cut into my fabric but now I see how wonderful yours looks I will have to get started. Zig Zag quilts look so effective.

  14. Hello Terri, just love the quilt you are showing us. So lovely and bright. I do like what you have done on the back, it really makes it reversable. Those cats love it so it must be just purrfect. Have a great week.
    Happy days.

  15. Terri,
    I love the rich colors you chose- they remind of Kaffe Fassett fabrics which are my current favorite fabrics.
    I am not sure what it is about cats and quilts but somehow they go together. Our cat Mars often comes to help me quilt and to investigate any new fabric that is out.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely piece.
    Enjoy all the fabulous quilts in the festival- there are so many wonderful pieces.

  16. Love the bohemian feel to this quilt too. really can’t go wrong with some Anna Maria Horner can you. She has such great fabrics.

  17. Dearest terri, this quilt is amazing and sooo gorgeous!!!!! I love your selection of fabrics! This festival sounds like fun fun fun! Have a lovely wonderful week dear friend! Love to you!

  18. I love this quilt! The progression of colors is beautiful and since the patterns complement each other, it’s not a shocking transition. Beautiful work! I so wish I had a stash of AMH fabric to play with.

  19. lovely quilt! love how it does showcase those beautiful fabrics. i think i might have to try this with some of my favorites!!

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