A Warm Weekend

If you’re here to see the zig-zag quilt I entered into the Bloggers Quilt Festival, please stop by this link.

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What day is it? From the warm, sunny weather we had over the weekend, you would think it was mid-July. Seriously, it was sunny and in the upper 80s and 90 degrees all weekend. I never used to be a fan of such warm weather, but I was loving our arrival of summer! It was a great time to spend in our gardens, soak up the fresh air, and get dirt under my fingernails.

We planted more shrubs.

We added some new mulch, which is our mission this summer. We need bigger landscaped beds, thus less grass to mow!

We filled our containers with some annuals. We like to adore our containers with the old toys we’ve dug up in the yard throughout the years, no doubt left behind by the previous owners.

We planted our vegetable garden. We are keeping things simple this year with just a couple tomato plants, red and green bell peppers, basil and cilantro.

I can’t believe I didn’t do one stitch of sewing over the weekend, and now I really miss it! I delivered a custom purse to my insurance agent on Friday, which she loved. (whew) I got some new fabric in the mail, which I will show off in another post. Just another garden and weekend update for now.

15 thoughts on “A Warm Weekend

  1. This is what I miss in WI!! We had a big grassy back yard growing up and I can’t wait to be able to buy a house somewhere and let my son run around in his “own” backyard:)

  2. Everything is so gorgeous…we’ve been having a cooler than normal spring, which I’m really appreciating…only in the 60’s yesterday…yay!

  3. No sewing at this end either. Moving into my first apt. ever in my life. Don’t know about it. We went and got some pots and planted a few tomato plants, peppers and some herbs. All in pots on the patio, new experience for me. I will miss the big garden but I guess that is what we have markets for. I love the fresh produce in the summer.

    Love your yard it looks very big and alot of mowing. Good idea to put more mulch down. This weekend was very warm and very windy here. It makes me wonder if I’m really ready for all the heat to come. I really think my favorite time of year is spring and fall. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Your backyard has reached Park Status! Our weather was exactly as yours was, with (Whew!) humidity. I love warmth; soak it up. But, high humidity makes me want to go where Sherri lives! I feel like a wimp for staying in the air and sewing all week-end! Have a happy week!

  5. Your yard is beautiful, looks like a great way to spend the weekend out enjoying the nice weather. I love working in the yard and planting a garden. It’s so worth it when it’s time to pick the fresh veggies and fruit. I planted a few veggies in pots this year, the peas and carrots were yummy. I didn’t feel like sewing over the weekend, gasp. I guess it’s okay to take a break on occasion. Have a good week.

  6. Hello Terri, Your garden is looking great. We too have a few toys around the place. A little helicopter sits in our bird bath which belongs to David who is turning 19 shortly,I can’t bear to throw them out. Happy days.

  7. Getting out into the garden is one of the best therapies that satisfys. You in your corner of the world are planting and we are trimming back, and pruning. Cheers from down under.

  8. Your yard is amazing, Terri! I really do enjoy looking at pictures of it. We had similar weather, which caused us to crank on the AC already! Glad you got out to enjoy Mother Nature!

  9. Your yard is looking so pretty! I like you mixed planter barrels. Isn’t it fun to mix in some flowers with your veggies and herbs. I have done something similar with lettuce and pansies. Your garden beds in the ground are so neatly planted! It’s fun to come here and see what you are working on.

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