Fresh Squeezed Juice Makes Me Happy

I recently discovered how happy fresh squeezed  juice makes me.

I’ve tried fresh squeezed orange juice before, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever done it myself. Two oranges resulted in my juice glass being full to the brim!

It was a lot of work with that little hand juicer, so I am going shopping for a better juicer gadget. I don’t want to have another appliance; maybe just this juice press or this juice pitcher. It was worth the effort to get that explosion of fresh flavor!

13 thoughts on “Fresh Squeezed Juice Makes Me Happy

  1. Dearest Terri, that little tool looks like fun! I always enjoy a fresh cup of juice! My papa also have something similar but its in a form of a bowl. 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy week dear friend! Love to you!

  2. I love fresh orange juice. I think for that reason alone I would consider moving to FL. My MIL is always bragging about her orange trees right outside her door near their trailer home near St Petersburg and I get SO jealous.

    Do you possibly have a food processor Terri? I have a Cuisinart which I bought an accessory kit that included a citrus juicer attachment. It works pretty slick.

  3. Sure puts the store-bought stuff to shame; hard to believe its (roughly) the same thing! Cheery way to start the week!

  4. We used to have a plastic juicer kinda like the top to the pitcher you linked to. It just wasn’t sturdy enough to press really hard. Now we have one that is glass and looks like the old-time juicer and it works so much better than anything we’ve ever had. I think we got it at Sur La Table for maybe $6 or $8. You might consider that!

  5. um… i obviously suck at juicing oranges because i had like 4 and got 1/2 cup. and i squeeeeeeezed the heck outta them! So very good job 🙂 or Job well done 🙂 whichever you prefer!

  6. Hello Terri, I can smell the oranges!!! Ours are nearly ready to pick. I love what you did with the bags in the next post. Your bags are just beautiful. Happy Days.

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