Crazy Family Days

How do you summarize a family reunion where you hosted 20 people at your house for the day, and five extra people overnight? (especially when you’re used to having two people living at your house for most of the year)


The kids had so much fun running through the sprinkler while the adults watched and laughed, all the while hoping those wet kids wouldn’t get too close! We lucked out for the third year in a row with beautiful summer weather.

We were celebrating my sister being back in the U.S. for the summer. (For those of you who may not know, my sister and her family are in their second year of a three-year job assignment living in China.) We decorated the house with red, white and blue colors to welcome them back. I asked the teenagers to decorate the front of our house, and this is what they came up with.

Good thing it was one of their dad’s cars!

We managed to get the backyard cleaned up and the kitchen cleaned too. There are heaps of sheets and towels in my basement that need to be washed, and loads of recycling and trash to take out, but it was fun having the gang back together again!

Next up on my calendar – I have lots of sewing to catch up on this week for my quilting bee, and stacks of fabric to start cutting for my turn in the bee.

16 thoughts on “Crazy Family Days

  1. It looks like you had alot of fun and it is alwas nice when its family. Its alwas alot of work and when it is all over with you wonder where the time went. Never long enough. I’m sure you can now sit back and think “where did the time go”.

  2. Sorry about all the mispelled words maybe I need to go back to school. Or maybe just learn how to type.

  3. Hello Terri, I would say you were very “busy”. Lucky to be able to have the sprinkler on and run through it. With water restrictions and having to water at a certain time,.that is a thing of the past here in Australia. Everyone looks so happy so that it great.
    Happy laundry!!!

  4. Sounds like fun…crazy, but fun! I hear you with the laundry…I just finished today…in between extra bedding and towels from wedding guests, scout camp, and vacation…it was piled high!

  5. There is no blue sky like the blue sky in Wisconsin – I’ve seen it many times! So glad to see it bless your week-end!

  6. How fun!!! I bet you all were sleepy after this fun filled weekend! I love how the teenagers decorated your “house.” glad you get to spend some time with your sister this summer!

  7. Oh my Terri, it looks FUN!!! I wish i could join you and your lovely family! Such a wonderful reunion and these photos are gorgeous! They make me smile and makes me feel like going out in the sun to a park and just enjoy the day! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  8. That looks like such a good time! Your backyard is beautiful. I bet your family loved being together, but you are probably going to be ready for a day to yourself after so much company!

  9. How do you have time to do ANYthing, woman? It seems like you’ve got a permanent lock on activity at your house! I have to say though, I love family days! We spent the past few weekends beach hopping from one family gathering to another and it really just makes life (and summer!) that much sweeter!

  10. You have the perfect back yard for a family reunion.. Looks like a great day had by all. I hope you get some peace and quiet again soon.

  11. Hey Terri, How fabulous! I luv it! We have our family reunion in October (on my Great-grandmother’s birthday and we call it Granny’s birthday even though she is not here anymore.) Hope you are having a great visit with your sister. Happy sewing!

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