Summer Garden

It’s definitely summer in our gardens.

The temperatures have been so hot lately, leaving just a few things blooming. Right now, the focus flowers seem to be phlox. Some in white.

Some in purple.

We have a few lilies left, mostly in these peach and yellow colors.

I hope the remaining blooms survived the torrential rains we’ve had the past couple day! Our tomatoes and bell peppers are ripening up quite nicely in our veggie garden.

We haven’t been to farmers market in over a month, so I’m hoping we make it this weekend, just to see what’s in season this deep into summer. I’m also looking forward to catching up on my quilting bee and ornament swap this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Summer Garden

  1. I was wondering if you’d gotten any of the nasty weather. Glad you didn’t float away! Your yard is glorious, by the way:) I really love perennials.

  2. Love the flowers. Hope your garden goods do great. We have had rain falls like never before. 4-5 inches in very short time frames so we have already lost our garden goods we had planted. Now the heat and humidity. I really can’t wait for fall. My days of loving heat are over. I guess the older I get the worse the heat is for me. Hope you have a wonderful quilty weekend.

  3. The Phlox looks like a number nine 🙂 I don’t have flower knowledge like the rest of your comment-ers, but they’re beautiful!

  4. Your garden is just so beautiful! I love the flowers and the vegies you are growing there! Sounds all so wonderful! I hope one day i get to have my own garden patch too and till then i shall admire yours! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  5. Your yard is beautiful. It’s been hot here in Nebraska too. But, it’s better than the cold of winter. I just finished my swap ornament and I’m off to find something from Nebraska to sent along. Have a great weekend and I hope you made it to the Farmer’s market. Enjoy your flowers!

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