Sunday Stash – Sunrise Inspiration

I woke up at 5:15 this morning, and I never could get back to sleep. I peaked out the window and saw the most beautiful sunrise – gold and peach and pink streaking across the blue sky. I made a note to pull some fabrics in those colors for a quilt idea I want to make.

The sunrise I noticed had more peach in it than I had in my stash, so I did a little fabric shopping for more colors. I just love these solids, especially since they extend my current fabric stash so much farther!

I could day dream all day like this about fabric combinations, but I better get busy! Hope you find some beautiful inspiration today too.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Stash – Sunrise Inspiration

  1. Since becoming a quilter, I spot beautiful color combinations pretty much everywhere; it is my “Shiny Object”! I know every quilter does this, but I sure don’t pull together colors as well as you do, Terri! This inspires me to try harder!

  2. This reminds me I need to get more solids in my collection. I love how they look together but never seem to buy any. 🙂

  3. Love those solids. I have never bothered looking at or buying solids. I’m not real good at picking colors. I use more cream then anything. I just put togther some bright colors with white and I have never used white in a quilt. I love it and I’m going for more. You inspired me to go outside my box. THANKYOU

  4. I love solids! People always look at me like I’m a strange one when I say I don’t like blenders…but why use blenders where yummy, dreamy solids could be? I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  5. That is inspiring! Too bad I have so many household chores to attend to this morning! Maybe if I work fast and efficiently, I can spend some time at the sewing machine today. Love those colors! Yea for Kona Cotton Solids!

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