Color Palette – Ribbons

I was happy to hear that Brandi was offering to continue with the color palettes as a weekly post on Friday. Today’s theme is ribbons and trims.

photo from Martha Stewart

I have been slowly building my stash of ribbons and trims, so I went surfing to find a picture of ribbons and trims that spoke to me. I probably wouldn’t make one bag or quilt with all of these shades of pink, but it goes well with many other colors, especially black and gray, so any of these ribbons would make a great accent. I also love the variety of ribbons that are featured, satin, organdy, taffeta, picot-edge (my favorite), velvet (my second favorite), wire, grosgrain, metallic, and more.

I know, some girls refuse to like pink, but I like it, so this palette was fun to play with!

15 thoughts on “Color Palette – Ribbons

  1. I am with you on the pink. There is just something about it, you just got to love it. Pink and chocolate is my favorite right now.

  2. I have to say that I never really liked pink till recently. Now, I’m really into darker, hot pink shades – I think it looks fabulous with gray (my favorite pairing)! Awesome palette, thanks for playing along!

  3. I actually like hot pink with orange. My daughter-in-law really did not like pink, until she had a daughter, who really does like pink. So I think the pink thing can come and go, depending on who you hang out with!

    1. Oh yes, pink and orange! I love that combination too, Cindy! My sister doesn’t like pink, and she ended up with two very girly daughters who love pink – ha!

  4. I really think pink is a color we can wear all our lives, from bubblegum to pale pearl pink. It is my go-to color when I need to feel pretty or feminine. I’m having a hard time finding enough of it in the stores for the over-30 crowd, though.

  5. I like pink too – always drawn to hot and pearlescent pinks. Fab palette and I love picot edge too. Pink goes with so many things, chocolate, orange, grey, lemon, ice blue (yummy) and of course white. In fact is there anything pink doesn’t go with? Lol

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