Fabric Wish-List

It’s that time of year when we start seeing previews of the new fabric collections being released this fall.

So far, I love these collections:

Tula Pink’s Parisville – I adore the pomegranate colorway, which looks so rich and luxurious. I also love how she always shares her sketching process and her inspiration board.

Jennifer Paganelli’s Queen Street – I love the beachy colors Jennifer uses, and the beautiful tone-on-tone prints, which work well as solids too.

Denyse Schmidt’s Greenfield Hill – I love how much more modern these prints feel than her previous collection. I especially love the geometric prints and the cranberry colorway.

Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush – I finally saw a preview – can’t wait to get that collection too, especially the velveteen prints, which will be perfect for my bag experiments!

I would love to expand the range of my solid stash, so those remain on my wish-list too.

What’s on your fabric wish-list? Any new collections you’re drooling over that I should check out?

14 thoughts on “Fabric Wish-List

  1. I want the last collection of Tula Pink first!!!!! Still working on that;) Her second one is amazing OF COURSE! Anna Marie Horner has a very yummy line too again:)

    Aneela Hoey Sherbet Pips REALLY ADORABLE.

    I am sure there are more!

  2. Ohmigoodness! There are so many new things coming out, working in a fabric shop is NOT good for fabric diets! I think I want to try out more solids too…I haven’t worked with them as much as I’d like!

  3. Oh goodness – I don’t know cos I don’t look at the collections – I’m an opportunist fabric purchaser – if I see something at the shop that I love, I buy a metre of it, or a fat quarter. I am absolutely drooling over these ones you have put up.

    That’s another reason I narrowed down my list of crafting pursuits – so I can invest more in some of these delicious fabrics (and wools of course)…

    You know what, I have zero solid stash in my box – I’m looking forward to getting to know this world of fabric more and I admit to still hankering after the Moda Figgy Pudding from last year as it just sounds so perfectly Christmassy.

    Thanks Terri :0)

  4. I love most all of them. It will be hard to decide what to get. I need alot of the solids myself. I never use them that often, I’m getting into useing them and find I really like them alot. Have to start stocking up.

  5. I love AMH’s new line so I’m saving my pennies because I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of them when it is finally released. I’m also saving for Sweetwater’s new line, Sunkissed (I think), which is coming out in January or so. It has everything that I love–design, lots of words, and great colors.

  6. I love the photos of all your solid prints. I think that’s on my wish list since I have basically no solids at all.
    Other than that though I want the Azure Blue Swoon group by Melissa A and Queen Street. 🙂

  7. I’ve snapped up a FQ bundle of Bonnie’ & Camille’s Bliss. I’m coveting some Urban Chicks’ Dream On and some MoMo It’s a Hoot. And of course I’m keeping an eye on Anna Maria Horner.

    Honestly, compared to seasons past, there’s not so much this fall that’s appealing to me. Perhaps spring will be different.

  8. Well, you twisted my arm to do some snooping around:) and I found Genevieve by Amy Hamberlin. Very interesting colors! Patricia Bravo has Dreaming in French coming out soon. Again, some great colors. I tend to go for the same colorways all the time, so I’m trying to expand a little.

    I finally broke down and bought some Poodle this morning. There goes my fabric diet!

    Oh, and someone mentioned Swoon! I love all of it!

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