New Laces

I love my Converse shoes, especially in gray because they work with everything I wear.

But the boring white shoelaces they came with have been bugging me. So I decided to make my own, using the project in Melissa’s book. Easy peasy! I got to use our heat tool to shrink the plastic tubing around the ends so they thread through the grommets easier.

I used this fabulous fabric… sigh… more love!

Here’s what my shoes look like now:

Much better!

Since I use my USB drive all the time to save projects for my Photoshop class, I also made a lanyard for that so I wouldn’t forget it. I used the same pattern for the shoelaces, but sewed the ends together to make a continuous strips.

I used an older print from Amy Butler’s Lotus collection that I’m not that crazy about anymore, just in case this idea didn’t work the way I planned.

These laces were so easy that I’m thinking about what else I can use them for so I have an excuse to make a couple more.

27 thoughts on “New Laces

  1. I LOVE your new laces!! I LOVE that fabric!!!! I have periwinkle blue Converse (or as I like to call them, my Chuck T’s) and the laces are now a light brown… ugh!! Wish I could sew my own laces! You rock!!

  2. You are to funny. You remind me of my girls when they were younger. I think they had ever color of shoe string you could imagine. The white just never worked for them. Back then I never thought about making cloth ones. Those are so cute. I don’t think you can find colored shoe strings anymore. How time changes. Your USB stick holder is nice also. I made a little cloth bag like thing to hold mine for I have three of them I have on me most times for I embroidery alot. But I know you don’t like carrying bags so that works great for you.

  3. OBsessed with gray. Anything gray. Does that say something about my personality? I hope not. Anyway-they look fantastic! My last pair of Converse are tragically resting in peace away from one another. One is at the bottom of the Cape Fear River (untimely boating accident) and the other well, I’m not sure where it is exactly. Now I want another pair so I can funk them out! CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  4. I have those same exact shoes! You’re right, the gray goes with just about everything. Great job on the laces – I might have to give my shoes a makeover 🙂

  5. Okay, those are about the cutest shoelaces ever! I have to make some for my vans! I love the lanyard for your flashdrive~I should make some for my kids; I might not have to head for Costco every week for replacements! Have a good day!

  6. Very awesome laces! The shoes have much more personality this way. I remember when I was a kid, I had a pair of LA Gears that had three laces each. I don’t remember exactly what they were, but I remember at least one was a ribbon, and at least one was pink…. seems like one may have been glittery, too.

    New laces can give your shoes an entirely new look – great idea, and I love the fabric you chose!!

  7. i can’t decide which project i like better, the laces or the lanyard. they are both fabulous!

    thanks for linking to the fabric sale here in the comments, too, btw. like i need more temptation to buy fabric??? but it’s so hard to find a good gray. i feel a fabric purchase coming on!

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