Pinwheel Options

Ever have too many options, and get paralyzed in making a decision? I have been working away little by little on my pinwheel play.

I made this variety of pinwheel blocks using scrap squares of these fabrics by Jennifer Paganelli and adding white squares to some and solid squares to others.

They look cheerful and colorful hanging on my design wall, but beyond that, I’m not sure which direction to go next.

Depending on the layout, I could easily make more blocks, but I don’t really feel like it. I could also add sashing, but I’m not a fan of  doing sashing. I might end up making a set of cute mini quilts like Vicki did.

I find it humorous that my 15 minutes of play with scrap squares left me with a UFO, darn it! Suggestions welcome!

17 thoughts on “Pinwheel Options

  1. “Ever have too many options, and get paralyzed in making a decision?” — ALL THE TIME!!!!

    I agree on not doing the sashing, and I like them with the colors all mixed up as well. 🙂

  2. You could just save them to have in the future when another quilt needs “something else”. Gwen Marston and Freddie Moran referred to this as the “parts department” in their book Collaborative Quilting and I quite like that concept! For right now though I like them grouped by color, so cheerful!

  3. Lol – too many decisions!! You sound like me.

    I like the mixed up colours in the bottom picture too – what about table place settings or a table runner – I know you like making place settings. Or how about some funky pin-wheel bag fronts for your store. I love pin-wheels – I haven’t made a quilt yet that didn’t have some tucked in somewhere… probably cos they’re about as complicated as I can do at the minute hehe.

    Can’t wait to see what you decide :0)

    Shell x

  4. Call me crazy, but I see a whilring field of pinwheels. You know, like a big, white expanse with a bunch of single pinwheels spinning in the breeze on their own individual stick. A pain? Possibly…but it’s what came to MY mind 🙂

  5. Hi Terri, often it’s difficult to decided – too many possibilities… I like mostly the last one, where they are all mixed! Somehow for me it looks to have balance. Your fabrics are wonderful and great for pin wheels! I remember starting mine when I saw your pinwheeles – it’s not finished yet (can’t decide what to do with them…)
    Have a lovely day! Teje

  6. Hi Terri,

    You could join three together and make a table runner. What about a bag for your cutting mat. I am sure whatever these are turned into it will be fantastic.
    Happy sewing.

  7. How funny!! Decisions, decisions, decisions!! I kind of like the picture where all the like pin wheels are put together to form blocks. Good luck!

  8. Oh come on, you need a few UFO’s like me. 🙂 Love your blocks Terri, at first glance I was drawn to the last photo. I like your idea of a mini quilt, but a cushion or a bag would be nice also.

  9. Do you ever use triangle paper to make pinwheels? Worked real nice for me. The other thing I like about pinwheels is you can make different shapes depending on the layout. You do not need to do the traditional pinwheel.

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