Taking a Moment

After reading Cindy’s recent post about our need for communication with our bloggy friends, I just wanted to take a moment to express my thank you to everyone for all your support and encouragement and feedback! It’s amazing the bonds we have formed through our shared hobbies (and fabric and sewing obsessions) over the Internet these days.

I’m always nervous to post pictures of drawings I’ve been working on. I know, I’m a student and I’m learning; I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

(highlights and shadows on vegetables)

Your encouragement lifts my spirits when I’m filled with self-doubt!

(drapery drawing – folds, highlights and shadows!)

I experience a bit of anxiety when posting pictures of a new bag experiment or quilt idea I dreamt up. Your support keeps me going!

My heart fills with joy hearing from you all, whether it’s through my blog, your blog, emails, and swaps. I simply wanted to take this moment to thank you for your continued friendship!

27 thoughts on “Taking a Moment

  1. Isn’t blogging great?! I had no idea the connections and friendships that would come from starting an on-line creative journal.

    Congratulations on your drawings…I think they’re excellent! Have a great day!

  2. Terri – I thank you also for your friendship and encouragement – you are not alone in your feelings of anxiety. You are such a lovely kind-hearted and warm person and I love that you have shared these thoughts today (I often pause for several seconds before I hit the publish key but then I give myself a mental shove and say… just do it!)

    I am really enjoying your pictures and the second one of the drapes (with someone hiding beneath them) is so appropriate for this post. Not only that – it is really really GOOD – the light and shadow are brilliant – you should be well chuffed with yourself (I would be if I’d managed to draw it)

    Thank you again Terri xox

  3. Your drawings are lovely…no need to be nervous at all. That drapery…wow!!! I agree that the Internet has really allowed us to connect to anyone in the world with similar interests…such empowerment and communication…I am very thankful!

  4. I was an art student in college, and I want you to know that the drawing of the fabric with the folds, shadows and highlights is VERY good! We shouldn’t be hard on ourselves for being artistic and trying to improve our skills. I know it’s hard to put ourselves out there, so kudos to you for that! I just hide mine in my sketch books and journals! 😉

    It’s been great getting to know you, one blog at a time!


  5. Thank YOU for taking the time to put that little post together for your readers—I appreciate you too and all the comments and support you give me on my blog as well;)

    Who knows maybe someday I will be back in WI and we can meet up somewhere!

  6. Love the drawing of the drapery. It’s very realistic! I’ve never even attempted to do draping fabric. It just looks so hard! Great job!!

  7. Thanks for the mention above. And thanks for being my friend. I look forward to getting to know each other better, a long friendship, with lots of creative encouragement.

    And your drawings rock!

  8. I’m glad you are sharing your drawings! They are amazing!!! Your little bag is cute, too. I love how you paired the b&w print with a pink zipper. So fun!

    I’m so glad that we connected via the Internet. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

  9. What a happy thing to come home to on a Friday afternoon! I love reading you blog and have learned so much from you! I am the one who feels honored by YOUR friendship! I’m glad that you open up and share what you are up to and your process and FULLY understand the anxiety associated. I’m always nervous when I put up something new but am also always pleasantly surprised when I get unwavering support from my bloggy friends. Excellent post 🙂 Happy Friday!!

    P.S. Totally crushing on your bag 😉

  10. Terri, I am always excited to see what new things you have posted. Your projects are always fun to see! The drawings you’ve been showing us lately have been really great. I have tried the drapery folds type drawing before and I know it is NOT EASY. And yet, you’ve made it look so great and realistic! It actually makes me think of sheet ghost costumes, since Halloween is just around the corner 🙂

    Also, I really love that black & white bag you posted. Esp. the bright zipper! Tonight is FNSI and while I have a long list of potential projects to work on, your simple makeup bag tutorial is one of the two things I absolutely MUST try out tonight!

    Thanks for sharing so much with us!!

    ~ Meagan

  11. Hello Terri! I like to see your drawings – they look great!
    It’s true that this blogging is so wonderful because it gives us possibility to find so lovely friends and with same interests!
    Best wishes Teje

  12. Don’t think you should not post pics of all the things you create. I love seeing them and if others don’t they would not comment. Your drawings and pics you take. I love seeing what you are up to at school and how things are going for you. I see how far you come and its good you can contiue your education. Keep up the good work.

  13. Wow, your drawings are great! I’d be thrilled if I could do that!

    The internet can be a great thing for building friendships and sharing ideas. You are one of the most supportive people I’ve met online, so thank you!!

  14. Hello Terri,

    I am in awe of your drawings. You should see my stick people!!! Blogging is such a great way to share and inspire each other. Keep on doing what you do best.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

    p.s. My Nana was the artist in the family,it has obviously skipped a generation or two.

  15. Terri, your drawings are wonderful, you’re doing great in a short amount of time. It really takes practice and obviously you’re picking it up very quickly. I love to see your drawings, so keep them coming. I also like your bags, you really have an eye for color and gorgeous fabrics. I appreciate all that you share and the inspiration that you give. Thanks for the encouragement you give me as well.

  16. WOW~You’re great with a pencil, Terri! Will you be designing fabrics next? Seriously, you’ve got talent. Thanks so much for being such a great friend…I’ve enjoyed getting to know you 🙂

  17. Your drawing skills are fantastic Terri! How wonderful that you are studying an area that you feel so passionate about.

    What a wonderful weekend you are having! I recognised your lovely bag:) Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return.

  18. I love seeing what projects you are working on! You have so much talent; don’t be too hard on yourself!! I was browsing my google reader today and saw a picture of you sitting at a machine over at Crazy Mom Quilts. I love that you all are real life friends and not just bloggy friends!!

  19. To you, it probably just seems like beginner’s stuff. But to me, I find myself looking at your pictures and your projects and saying, “Gosh. I wish *I* could do that!”

    Someday, I know I’ll learn how, but in the meantime I really enjoy seeing the projects you’re working on. It helps me learn different things and see what’s possible. 🙂

  20. Hi there, I am new to blogging and I came across your site through Sew Mama Sew. I was looking for a project to do with tiny wee bits of scraps as I just inherited a wonderful old friends stash. She was a true quilter! NOTHING was thrown out and she has thousands of postage sized pieces saved from every project she has ever done! Your ticker tape doll quilt came up through my Google search! Your site is a delight and I think your drawings are great! Thanks for sharing all your creativity.

  21. Cute pouch! Your drawings are always great and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful projects you make, along with your photos of the farmers market etc. (I am one of those nosy people that like seeing what people do outside their craft room as well.) 🙂
    Whenever I have a few minutes of blog reading time I always make sure I stop by yours.

  22. Your drawing is just fantastic, esp. the one with the folds of fabric because that is hard to get right and you nailed it. Don’t feel shy about posting. You are good inspiration for the rest of us!

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