I Spent the Weekend With a Rockstar

Okay, so maybe she’s not a rockstar in the music world, but she is a rockstar in our quilting/blogging world! Since we live in the same state and within driving distance from each other, we made a spontaneous decision to get together this weekend.

I felt so lucky to get to sleep under this beautiful quilt.

We made a mess in her clean house.

We pieced and quilted.

We traded fabrics and and the tiniest scraps.

It’s so nice to have a fresh pile of scraps because now I’m even more excited to make my own ticker tape quilt after seeing her masterpiece in person. I stopped and stared at it every time I walked past it. It was more fun than an I-Spy quilt.

We brainstormed new ideas.

We never left the house! (thank goodness she fed me very well) It was great fun!

33 thoughts on “I Spent the Weekend With a Rockstar

  1. I posted on her blog that “I spied you in one of her pics” too:):) Ticker tape quilts ARE so much fun. Can’t wait to see what you do with that idea! Love the rainbow of scraps. They had Kona for $3.99 a yd down here in GA. I got some orange,grey and bone. Already plotting another quilt and I haven’t gotten through the sherbet yet:)–sigh…

    Wish I lived A LOT closer!

  2. Good Morning Terri! You must have had a fantastic time, I don’t think anything like this happens in UK – even though we all probably live so much closer than you all!
    I hope you do make a ticker tape quilt – they look so much fun.
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  3. oh, you lucky thing you! i saw you on her blog and…..well,
    i have a confession to make….i am sew jealous! LOL!!
    you should see the shade of green i turned.
    some does australia is just too far away.

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I love how colorful and vibrant your fabrics are. Was your head filled with all kinds of new ideas after working together?

  5. I know how much fun it can be. One of my girlfriends and I just got back from a week long stay in Branson, MO. We only left the place once to go to Springfield,MO. To shop and then back to our wonderfull rooms. We ate and sewed for a week. She did all the cooking and she is a wonderful cook. We would walk in the evenings. I don’t feel I got much done but all we did was cut and sew. It was great.
    Now for your weekend sometimes a girl needs to get away. Can’t think of a better way to do it then with a blogger friend. Love your colors as I always do. I don’t do brights but I keep telling myself I need to for yours are always so nice.
    Glad you had fun and I will be waiting to see a ticker tape quilt in the future.

  6. Hi Terri – sounds like you’ve had a brilliant weekend. I love the ticker tape quilt – might have a go at one of those too – though I’ll start with an itty bitty one for a teddy bear! So pleased you’ve had a blast x

  7. It looks like you two had a ball! I commented over on her blog too—I couldn’t figure out how she got my purse! Then I went back and looked closer at the first picture and saw you 🙂 I’m really in awe of that spiderweb quilt! I feel like every time I see inspiration on your blog my to do list keeps getting longer!

  8. Oh wow sweet terri, such an awesome weekend and look at those gorgeous quilt in her house!! It’s always such fun to sleep over and get crafty!! Thanks so much for sharing and it’s soo inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

  9. I am so stinkin’ JEALOUS!!! Can you pleeeease move down here so we can just walk to each other’s houses to sew ?! LOVE that ticker tape quilt. In fact… I love it so much… I’ve decided that I want my first that I ever make to be one. 🙂
    Agh. seriously… It’s still in the 80’s here… it’s nice and warm… and the beach is only 3 blocks away… move here please ??? 🙂

  10. What a fun weekend. I keep hoping at some point I’ll come across a crafty bloggy friend that lives close to me. I think it would be great sewing with someone else for a change instead of alone all the time. I must agree with the others on here that I am tiny bit jealous. 🙂

  11. I love a good long Sewing Weekend! my mom, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in -law, and whoever else can come get together for a sewing weekend a few times a year. Its a lot of fun! we usually make a quilt top for a relative’s wedding gift, but sometimes we’ll just all do our own thing.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Terri! I wish I knew someone close to me that likes to sew! I see all your wonderful projects and I go to my sewing room and I start to go through fabric but then I get overwhelmed. There are so many things I want to do and I am not sure where to start. LOL!

  13. Do you think we could do this every weekend??? 😉

    Thanks for driving all this way to see me, I enjoyed every minute of our time together.

    And your title made me laugh. Very clever. But I’m sooo not a rock star. I’m just a frazzled crazy mom that quilts. Obsessively, maybe. 🙂

  14. What a great event! It must have been fun to sew at Amanda Jean’s place. Trading scraps would be fun, because of course everyone elses scraps always seem more interesting than your own, we all know that. Thanks for taking all the great photos and blogging about it.

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