Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Have you heard of Amy‘s Blogger’s Quilt Festival? It’s an online festival for bloggers to feature a quilt they made. It takes place during the semi-annual Quilt Festival, a trade show where wholesale fabric companies and designers gather to sell their wares to quilting industry businesses.

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival
This is the fourth festival, and my fourth time playing along. This time, I would like to feature my Halloween quilt.
About six years ago, I made this quilt at the request/demand of my husband Dave. He makes me a better person, pushes me to challenge myself, and cheers for my successes. When he asked me to make a quilt for his favorite holiday, I seized the moment!

He really designed this quilt himself, starting with picking out all the fabrics – black cats on orange, spiderwebs on green for the binding, purple night scene for the backing.
He even picked out the pattern he wanted me to use, chosen from this book.
I know it’s not the most “modern” quilt by some people’s standards, but I love this quilt because it was fun to make, and especially because I made it for my amazing husband. He is my rock!
Thanks so much for stopping by to see my quilt!
– – – – –
I also wanted to mention that my shop is a sponsor for the quilt festival!

If you enter your quilt, you will be entered to win something from a selection of prizes. I donated this project bag for a lucky person. I made it to be the perfect size to hold your needle case, scissors, hand sewing (or knitting) supplies, rotary cutter or whatever you travel with. It also has a pocket inside to store your small, loose items like a box of pins or stitch markers.

Now go check out all the other great quilts being featured in blogland!

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Here are the quilts I shared previously:

54 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival

  1. That is a very cute quilt. Simple but grand, I like it. Dave picked out some good fabrics. Can’t wait to see the rest of the quilts on the blogs. Nice bag again.
    Have a great day

  2. What a wonderful quilt you made for your husband. He did a great job of helping you select everything. Now it is the perfect weekend to enjoy it! I also love the book “The Quiltmaker’s Gift”. I have used it in my classroom and to inspire some of my young quilters. What an attractive project bag you have made to offer as a prize. It looks like something I could use to stay organized as I often take my sewing to my mom’s or a friend’s house. Thank you for helping Amy make her Quilter’s Blog Festival so successful.

  3. I love Halloween and I think it is awesome that your husband requested a Halloween quilt. Halloween fabrics are always so bright and lively. I think the pattern you used shows wonderfully. Happy Quilting!

  4. What a sweet gift for your husband! I’d like to say that I’m kind enough to make an entire Halloween quilt for my hubby, but well…ANYWAY! Lovely quilt, great memories and perfect timing for the holiday!

  5. What great taste Dave has in fabrics and a quilt pattern that features those fabrics well! Oh, also. . . wives!! I would love to know how the two of you met – my favorite question to ask wonderful couples!

  6. That is a great quilt, Terri! I love the little spiderweb square in each orange block. I especially love the one where it looks like the black cat is standing on the spiderweb 🙂

    Beautiful work, as always – and Thank You for being a sponsor to the festival!


  7. I LOVE it! and it’s HUGE!! 🙂 I doubt B would ever go to a fabric store with me, let alone pick out fabric!!
    still envying your mums 😉
    and love your bag that you’re giving to one lucky quilter… super cute!!

  8. Terri your quilt is so cute. Love your fabrics. Good job Dave. 🙂 It’s perfect for the season. Your photos are beautiful. Also, nice gift was are giving away and thanks for being a sponsor. I love to see all the quilts.

  9. Love this quilt! Isn’t it great when our husbands support our hobby? Tell your hubby that he had a good eye and great taste in fabric!

    Jennifer 🙂

  10. Fun quilt! I love that tiny, green border. We are lucky to have spouses that cheer us on:) I know mine is very brave to give opinions sometimes!

    I like the pouch, too. Very handy for lots of things. Thanks for being a sponsor!

  11. Hello Terri! This blanket is wonderful! I love the colours and that quite simple pattern! It’s lovely and fun! I’m happy to hear that your husband supports your work! Mine does too but I don’t think he could find enough interest to choose material and pattern for a quilt!
    I’ll go to see about that festival…
    Stormy wishes from Crete Teje

  12. Very “haunting” quilt Terri!!! Glad to hear your hubby is so supportive of this one:) It is VERY special indeed!

    Did you see the tiny red work one that was made for a Boyd Bear’s bed?

  13. Hey Terri! Your Halloween quilt is so fun! How cool that your husband requested and helped design this quilt himself. Thanks for being a sponsor for the festival. Great bag.

  14. That’s an adorable quilt! It’s so fun and vibrant!

    Your bag is SO COOL!!!! I love the colors and the dividers inside!! You’re awesome!!

  15. it’s a wonderful quilt, Terri. How sweet of you to make such a nice quilt for Dave. I think that’s wonderful. i LOVE the purple back. what a fun splash of contrasting color. the bag is soooo nice, too! i think i recognize some of those fabrics! 🙂

  16. Your quilt is adorable Terri and I think it’s very modern. That’s so sweet that your hubby got involved enough to pick out the fabrics and the pattern as well. He did a super job! Love your photo of the quilt together with the flowers. Your bag is beautiful, how thoughtful of you to be a sponsor.

  17. Seasonal quilts are so great–and this one is big! Your husband picking it all out is just sweet. Thanks for being a sponser==the bag you made is a beauty. Thanks for sharing your quilt’s story 🙂

  18. This is a great quilt Terri and I love the story behind it. I wish I had a quilt to enter but only one of mine is finished and I have no clue where it went when we moved. Maybe next year….. 🙂

  19. I really like the colour combination and the theme for the quilt. Great to have your husband involved so much too.
    Hope you had a great Halloween!

  20. Great Halloween quilt! And how fantastic that your hubby not only encourages you, but helped design this quilt! (Mine acts like quilting stuff might kill him – until I have the finished product and he’s cold…)

  21. my dear friend,
    even if i don’t visit every other participant, i had to come see your entry. i love the quilt you submitted (so appropriate tothis time of the year) and of course the story behind it.
    and whoever wins the bag you donated will be very lucky indeed. it’s as cute as always!

  22. I love your quilt’s story! I think it’s great that your husband was so involved in the creation of his quilt.

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