A Good Show!

Thank you for all your encouragement of my booth at the Local Products Expo this past weekend! Since it was my first craft show, I was nervous about selling my my handmade goods in person.

I tried to keep my table simple with a cream colored table covering. We wrapped a couple boxes to give a few items height in the background, which seemed to draw people in as well. It was a fun day, so I’m already looking forward to finding a couple more shows to enter next year. I came home with lots of ideas for improvements to make, so it’s exciting to have renewed vision.

As a result, I will be adding more NEW PRODUCTS in my shop this week. I also put several items ON SALE to move them out of my inventory because I want to focus on some new products. I have a list of things to work on!

I think the best part was probably the networking, with customers and neighboring vendors. Well, honestly, the best part was selling lots of patchwork goodies and receiving positive feedback on my creations!

It was nice to be in a venue that celebrated local handmakers and creativity, and gave shoppers an opportunity to support our local economy. So much better than going shopping at the mall!


  • your table looks lovely! i always liked doing shows,but don’t have the time anymore. chatting with customers was nice!

  • I couldn’t agree with you more Terri – I love to go to local craft shows and support the arts and crafts within our region. I also love scouting for hand-made crafts online – it is so nice to buy hand-crafted goods.

    Your stall looked brilliant – wish I could have been there to mooch around it in person – looking forward to seeing all of your new ideas flying off your sewing machine.

  • Ooo LOVE the boxes that are wrapped. Great idea! Your table looked cute and I love all your goodies 🙂 You’re so talented and I can’t wait to see what new ideas you have in your head!

  • The table and all of your items look great! I love how your tags match your banner!

  • Your booth looks GREAT! I hope you did well selling your wares. It’s so nice to be able to meet and hang out with other people that are interested in the same things you are. And with people who can appreciate the work that goes into what you do.


    ~ Meagan

  • It was nice to meet you yesterday! The show was great, I got some great gifts (and goodies for me!).

  • So glad it went great!! Your table looks fantastic 😉

  • your booth looks great! i love all the patchwork and am glad it was a success for you. 🙂

  • Hello Terri! Your table looks great and I’m so happy to hear that you had wonderful and succesful day! Waiting to see new products and hoping that you’ll be busy with your shop!
    xxx Teje

  • Good job Terri! I’m glad it went well.

  • I’m glad it all went well! Your booth looked great! I know it sounds silly but I like seeing all of your crafty creativeness in one place 🙂

  • You are brave—I don’t think I am at that point yet to sell my quilts—plus I need to have a better inventory for that matter!

    Your clutches are so pretty and elegant!!!

  • Your table looks amazing with your products displayed so well. Glad to hear it was a huge success – can’t wait to see you new products.

  • Hello Terri,

    Congratulations on stepping out and having your own stall. It must have been fun and a real confidence booster too. Your stall looked lovely and bright. Happy days.

  • I am so glad you did good and had fun. To me that is what it is all about. I’ve done serveral and it is alot of work but when done, you can’t wait until you can do it agin and all the things you could have done differently. Keep up the good work for you have some wonderful bags and stuff. Your banner for your table is very nice. Good thinking.

  • Wow Terri, your booth has so many pretty things it sure would capture my interest. I’m happy for you that you had positive feedback. Who wouldn’t love your beautiful purses, bags and other lovely items.

  • It looks great! All those wonderful colors were sure to draw a crowd. Congratulations on a successful show!

  • I sure hope you never feel nervous again; just happy anticipation!! Your set-up is perfect!

    By the way, I am so nosy, er… curious to know what is in the darling fabric basket down front? Probably something terribly obvious and I should put my glasses!

    • Thank you SO much, Lisa! I sweat with that nervous anticipation! I’m hoping to experience less anxiety for the next show, since I should know what to expect now.

      In that little fabric bucket you would find Hershey’s chocolate kisses! I figured free candy would draw people in (and it did!) I used another similar basket for people to put their name in for a chance to win a reusable drawstring bag.


  • well done Terri! It all looks great!!

  • Your display looks great. Your little logo banner that you made shows up well and is distinctive. Your customers probably loved seeing the beautiful workmanship that you do. I hope you weren’t having finals in the midst of all of the show preparation.

  • Dearest swee terri, congratz on a wonderful experience at the show!! Your table looks soo awesome and everything on it are just sooo yummie!! Yipeee more goodies to your shop! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  • Terri, congratulations on surviving the show!!! Your booth looks amazing! I love how you quilted your logo with the Spoonflower fabric…and your matching cards, etc. look great on display. Sure wish I lived closer…would have been fun to see your stuff in person!

  • Your booth is SO cute! I bet you had a blast!! I’m excited to see your new products! I was just looking at your shop the other day admiring all your newer listings! Such pretty goodies!

  • hurray for a great show! your booth looks wonderful. great idea to lure them in with candy and a drawing. that’s awesome. so glad to hear that you have a renewed vision and direction!

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  • Great presentation for your beautiful things.

    I am going to be in a craft show Saturday and I love the idea of the wrapped boxes for height!

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